How not to live your life sex.

How not to live your life sex.
Tanya tried to escape from a strong grip and jerked all over, but the men were well trained and all the twitching of her body led only to the fact that she dropped her handbag and shoe, which were immediately picked up by the third man, and the dress slipped in the collar and opened her chest dressed in a black lace bra.
Tanya was pushed inside the car and the doors immediately closed behind her, plunging the girl into the terrible darkness of obscurity.
The hands that squeezed her body disappeared, and the girl was able to move, she immediately tried to get up and open the door, but she wasn’t allowed to do this by pressing her shoulder tightly.
“Don’t move, please”! – said a hollow voice: “We will not do you any harm if you awake to listen to us”! A quiet, calm voice, almost without emotion, saturated with confidence and showing the speaker’s power, paralyzed Tanya.
She wanted to write.

She had never been so scared before.
“Who are these people? Where are they taking me? Will they kill me? ”- flashed through her head.

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As if having heard these questions, the voice said: “We will offer you one job for which you will receive well.
Much money.
And you will not need to do anything practically.
On the contrary.
You will need to do something. ”
Despite this explanation, Tatiana did not calm down, cold sweat was running down her back, and her body was shaking like a fever.
Her eyes had already gotten used to the darkness of the car, and she was able to see three men sitting opposite her.
Two were very tall and broad at the shoulders, it was they who, as Tanya guessed, were dragging her.
Between them, in the middle, sat the owner of a voice, slightly shorter, but also broad at the shoulders.
“Good girl, I understood everything” – praised her voice: “Do not be afraid and do not worry.
How not to live your life sex.

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