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She also talked about her stunning love for Eloim.
And that, wants to him, no matter what, she still loves him.
And the fact that he let her go only because he fell in love with her himself.
Alina told about his mistress demoness Izigiri, who threatened to kill her.
And if it were not for Elohim, then surely they would have done so.
She has influence on him and makes him do it.
That she is there the most terrible and bloodthirsty creature, which, probably, the world has not yet seen.
But Alina did not know that she had made Elohim the way he became.
Turning into the same monster as she herself.
And she did not tell Alexander about what she did not know and know how a man could never have, that this terrible demoness of a dark night herself was from angels.
One of the firstborn.
She was the Angel of Chaos.
The angel is even more ancient than Elohim himself.
There is a border of light and shadow.
There, beyond the borders of all the worlds and the Creation of the Great God.
She was born by more ancient gods.
She penetrated secretly into the world of Father Elohim, a long time ago, and her brothers and sisters were the spirits of the elements Leviathan and Jinnah.
She fell in love with Eloim.
Fell in love with his beauty and the Divine Light radiated by him.
It was love at first sight.
And she did not have peace until she stole, seducing him with her diabolical beauty from Paradise itself.
Iziriga herself became who she became, and she liked to be a Succubus.
Izigir was burned in her raging fire of love passion, looking at Eloim in Paradise, and turned into black ash. Hidden cam caught couple fuck.

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