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“C’mon,” her husband pressed conciliatingly to her. “I’ll quickly, back and forth a few times, and a solemn descent into unexplored depths is provided:“ Don’t even think about it! ” – the wife really snarled back.
– You ten minutes ago, I almost made a hole in my head, hammering my dick in my mouth.
And he drove the same two-day supply of sperm.
I honestly, as a decent nipple, not schkkuya, sucked, peeled off and did all the accompanying things, pleasing you.
Did you get an orgasm? – turning to her husband’s face, asked Tanya.
He was stunned silent.
– Judging by what and in what quantity you poured into my mouth, I think so.
– she made a short pause and continued to a tone lower – And after that you tell me tales about two or three pitches? Sorry, darling, but if I give in now, I will give you the ass you want, then you will have to fight my unhappy ass for at least half an hour, so much so that the head of your stupor will get me to the throat.
Therefore, I say it again – I will not give it in the ass! – He found the unexplored depths! – Tanya added with indignation

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, not knowing how to stop – What thousand account did you go for, according to the number of “solemn and not so descents”? On the third, or on the fourth? You’ve already polished everything up to the mirror shine, the researcher: – Poor-poor Tanyushonok, – stroking his wife’s buttocks, Oleg meekly said – I wanted to warm him up so much: from the inside: Well, you won’t tolerate it until next time.

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He extended his left palm forward and began, lightly touching, to iron a well-shaved female pubis.
“This is a little slut,” he thought without any anger: “I didn’t forget to tidy up, although I always insisted that there was no one to do it in the sanatorium:” – Let’s leave ours alone, that is, yours, ” Long-suffering ass: – Yes, let’s leave, – the woman sighed peacefully.
– Do you remember our talk about swing? – he cautiously approached a topic that worried him not like an anal sex that no longer happened.
– Yes, why? – not expecting any more trick, calmly asked Tanya.
– Well, maybe, while you will be in a sanatorium, I will post our profile on the portal? – He asked not without fear.
She no longer remembered how her husband had once divorced her on this topic – he could, if he wished, do such tricks.
But, not letting him pull himself up in the ass that night – and he adored anal sex with no less than oral sex – and rudely cutting off his timid preparations, the woman felt a little out of place.
Therefore, she answered with the same words as before, when her husband elegantly led her to agree to the first sexual contact with the swingers: – Why not ?! – she answered with a question, without failing to add: – But you remember: – Yes, I remember, – he hastily confirmed, rejoicing to himself that his dream could soon come true – No kissing on the lips, any sexual contact only with a condom, at the first meeting you are ready only for one suction, and no vaginal, and even more anal sex: – Hey, hurried, and you have not forgotten by chance that I should like a little man? – Tanya looked back suspiciously. – I will not give a blowjob to a person who dislikes me
– Well, it goes without saying, – he nodded categorically, first – an acquaintance, and only then, if the partners liked, sex – at a minimum, at the level of one suction on each side: To be frank, Tanya liked the idea with a swing more than constant attempts on the inviolability of her straight line. Hidden cam beach masturbation.

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