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“He dares,” Hermione sighed.
– What kind of destroyers? “Here,” Ginny held out two black metal rods in her palm.
The thickness of their circumference was less than a centimeter, length – ten centimeters.
The rods were thickly coated with grease, and at one end they had wide circles.
– We need to shove them: there? “We’ll have to,” said Hermione.
She felt that a powerful force made her execute an order.
She took the rod and slowly put it in the anus, startled by the touch of cold metal to the delicate skin.
A narrow and slippery object slipped through the sphincter easily, the circumference at the end did not allow it to fall inside, but the situation itself was unpleasant.
Ginny did the same as Hermione.
“Well, let’s go to the guys,” she said, but she stopped at the very door and sank.
The destroyer in the priest of the red-haired girl suddenly became wider by a couple of centimeters, slightly opening her anus and causing the girl light pain and inconvenience.
Ginny looked at Hermione, who nodded in frustration.
The same thing happened to her.
The girls returned to Ron and Harry.
They chatted and sometimes asked something Gryffindor, but Hermione and Ginny barely listened.

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The objects in their anus expanded every couple of minutes by a couple of centimeters.
Girls fidgeted, trying to sit comfortably, but the aching pain in the stretched holes prevented them.
Finally, half an hour passed.
“Guys, we have to go out,” Ginny smiled tightly.
Under some pretext, the Gryffindor women walked out of the compartment with an awkward gait — foreign objects in the anus gave no peace.
Reaching the door of the compartment six, they knocked and entered.
Malfoy and Goyle sat on the seats at the left side of the entrance compartment, Parkinson and Bulstrode sat on opposite seats.
They all smiled unkindly when they saw Gryffindor.
“Ah, the slaves have come,” Malfoy drawled lazily.
– Time for a bang.
“Malfoy, did you tell them?” – Ginny pointed to the Slytherins.
“Of course, Wislett, Draco has no secrets from me,” laughed Pansy.
“I’ll see how he shows who you are.”
– Get undressed! Draco ordered.
Hiding her eyes, the slaves slowly pulled off the clothes under the gazes of the others.
Millie whistled.
Pansy clapped her hands.
Draco waved his wand, and the rods slipped out of the Gryffindor and fell to the floor with a bang.
The girls gasped when the ringlets of their muscles tried to squeeze, getting rid of foreign objects.
The rods lay on the floor: in half an hour they grew to a diameter of almost 10 centimeters, becoming a real dildo.
– Do you like the destroyers? Draco asked, reducing the hinges and putting them

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in his pocket.
– They can grow to any size: I can really destroy their asses with them, just gouging them. Girls sex movies online.

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