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left, and usually after the event in the club, they will deliver the ladies directly to the apartment.
Pour what you sit! After so much drunk, my wife was already lying – without giving signs of consciousness, and Irka could still speak articulately, although her tongue was not too tatty and she was already stormy even in a sitting position.
But I poured more.
Er, but I just do not understand, what is this, for 10 days, Lena will be brought into the ass drunk every evening? You are an idiot.
Nobody will bring it, but I say – ON 10 D N EY! She will be back on the 11th.
Yes, agree, grandmothers are good, they pay me less.
And if they fertilize her there, or what kind of infection? – I was worried.
Damn, what a contagion! Here is Lena you have honey.
a worker, she has a sanitary book, all the tests are there, but they have no books, but also all the certificates and all the tests.
You can

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ask Karen himself.
And about the flight, I don’t understand why you are soaring, because she has an intrauterine device.
Well, even if they knock her up there, then there will be enough money for 20 abortions.
– here her eyes glittered slyly and she added – but as long as she is gone, I am ready to compensate you for the lack of female affection! – and she stretched her lips to me.

We merged into a kiss.
Her lips were wet, and she kissed passionately, playing with her tongue in my mouth, which made me very excited! But at some point, she could not resist on a chair, just collapsed on the floor, taking with her a tablecloth and all the contents of the table, bottles, glasses and plates with an ashtray.

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Karen immediately rushed to the noise, followed by his nephew.
Yy! Yes, our mistress, see how unhappy.
Vazgen, escort Irishu bainki, otherwise she herself will hardly come, and we are secretly here, said Karen nodding in my direction.
Vazgen helped Ira rise from the floor and led her in front of her, holding her waist with her left hand, and holding her right under her ass.
She walked Irka with difficulty, barely moving her legs and if this Armenian did not lead her, she would have collapsed after the first step.
Karen was a polite and tactful man.
Judging by the way he spoke, it was possible to conclude that he was also a very educated person.
He spoke cleanly, with almost no accent, unlike his nephew.
In our conversation, Karen confirmed everything said by Ira and asked if I agreed or not.
I drank and sat silently for a few minutes, wondering.
If something bothers you, tell me and we will discuss it – he interrupted a pause in the conversation.
First, the health of his wife.
After all, as I understand it, you are going to pump it up with alcohol before “a pig squeal” for 10 days, and this may not have a very good effect on her health and will also cause addiction to alcohol.
Lena never got drunk in the zyuzu 10 days in a row.
Don’t worry about that.
We have a great narcologist at the club, a doctor of science.
If suddenly he notices any negative manifestations, he will immediately put your wife on her feet and she will be returned to you until she is completely cured, and we will endure the unworked days until better times.
Are you satisfied with this option? Full
Secondly, I am not satisfied with the amount offered by you.
Even a prostitute on the highway costs at least $ 200 per night, and even without such damage to health, and my wife is not a prostitute and you take her not for 10 nights, but for 10 days.
Therefore, my price is five, plus my presence one day.
Then it was Karen’s turn to think. Full sex hollywood movies watch online.

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