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You know, it seems to me that TAM I suddenly had eyes on my fingers.
Like psychics.
It seemed to me that I see everything I touch.
If the hand glided over the delicious flesh of the breast, it seemed to me that I could perfectly see its volume, the color of milky skin and the brownish nipple.
And what a wonderful play of colors and shapes I felt in the lower abdomen.
And this morning, I looked at your mother – and I was stilled in my chest with admiration for her beauty !.
How I would like to be in your place, always, always next to your mother! – Well, about my mother – you already got what you wanted.
But about swapping places is an interesting idea.
You so relish told me that I also wanted to try it.
And then compare.
Let’s swap ladies tonight? How do you agree? Or weakly ?? – Well, I do not know.
With her mother, probably wrong ?.
– Yeah! Weak !!! – Well no.
Come on.
Galya started the conversation first: – Your son is a good fellow! Excellent performed.
And I wonder: how is Seryozha? Did not blunder? – Not! You can be calm.
He did great.
I did not even expect from him such affectionate tenderness.
But, you know, I want to say about myself.
I liked it so much that I can not be silent.
When the young guy began to touch me, I was instantly so excited that it seemed to me that I even lost consciousness for a while.
And when she woke up, he already entered me.
I had three SUCH orgasms that I probably would have yelled to the whole world if I hadn’t gotten my teeth into the edge of the sleeping bag.
Oh, how good it is to do this with a young guy! I had never suspected that it could be so amazing.
You know, I seem to be even ten years younger by the feeling of a young, terribly hot and so hard.
in itself.
Thank you, Ticked that you organized all this.
But I, at first, resisted.
– Here you go! You finally realized that you need to live, and not hide from new sensations! Well, since you understand that I will not advise bad, then tense up and listen.

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I have a new idea how to tickle my nerves again.
And something else.
Well, ready to listen ?.
Let’s change partners !!!.
– ???? – And what? Dark.
No one would guess.
And we with you – new sensations !.
And, maybe, new delights.
And the women, trembling with fear of the sinfulness of the intended and thirst for the most forbidden sensations, exchanged tents.
The guys, returning from the river, also changed their ways.
To whom – to the left, to whom – to the right.
In a fit of passion !!! – Listen, Gray, and maybe she did not accidentally bit you? Maybe she wanted to mark you, so that later, in the light, to look with who she was? If this is so, then we are stung – now she finds out that we have violated the agreement and swapped mothers !.
What will happen now??? After some confusion, the conversation resumed: – Do not drift! I read in some book that when the gangsters tagged one door at night, the owners, having discovered this, also marked all the other doors.
In the morning, the gangsters could not understand which door they were marking.
So, if this bite is a mark, then, come on, I’ll bite you in the same place.
And let her try to guess who was with her at night !.
Sergey bit Vasily in the ear.
The wounds were very similar.
The guys laughed at their fiction, and then Sergey asked: – So how do you like your Mutter? Better or worse than mine? – I do not understand.
You know, I didn’t notice any difference.
It seemed to me that they are the same.
Maybe all women in the dark are distinguishable only in size? But our mothers are of the same build.
Maybe that’s why I could not distinguish between them.
– The last time you said that my mom – a miracle, how good.
So yours too! Since you can not distinguish them.
So I have nothing to envy.
So you will be happy and next to her! – Yes.
Perhaps so.
Listen, did you notice the difference? – Actually, no.
Maybe it’s because I think less, in general? I put it out.
That’s all.
What is there to think about? – So you yourself wanted to compare.
– Well, I did.
Well, compared.
Well I do not know.

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Perhaps I agree with you.
All of them are the same! Then today let’s climb into the tent, as agreed for the first time.
This time, Lena spoke first: -.
I was so trembling with fear and over-excitement that it seemed to Vasenka that I was cold, and he SO embraced me all, that I calmed down and stopped trembling.
And then, like, like last time.
You know, I didn’t even notice the difference.
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