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Danila opened his eyes: Alice lay next to her on the pillow and smiled at him.
The eyes are clear, mischievous, not at all sleepy.
Hi, she whispered.
Frozen? – He was worried.
No, – she timidly bit her lip.
– I want more.
He felt like it was hot.
He turned on his side, facing her and carefully looked into his eyes.
Liska, do you even understand what we have done? What have I done? Yes, I kill for it a little, – he said.
– You are my sister.
Blood ties? – Alice smiled.
– It’s nothing.
We will not have children.
You did not deprive me of virginity – there is nothing to regret.
You know, the first time was so disgusting.
And it hurts and shame.
I decided that I would try to avoid sex.
And with you so nice.
So good – she rubbed her nose on his nose.
– So what if you’re my brother? And if we love each other? And I already love you.
He felt tears sting his eyes.
What did he do? He stroked her cheek.
– he shook his head.
If you love me – we will leave.
Where? Anywhere.
Kiss Me.
I want, like the first time, just a little more tender.
He smiled and hugged her.
He was gentle, not in a hurry, in no hurry to drink her in small cautious sips, teasing, wearying.

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Slowly moving in her, trembling from tension and passion, until droplets of light sweat began to accumulate on her stomach, until for the first time in her life she experienced an orgasm in his strong arms, moaning mournfully from pleasure, hugging him by the neck.
I love you, Liska, – he gasped, he whispered in her ear.
– Always loved, just did not understand.
From that day, they almost did not quarrel.
Parents and relatives could not see enough of them, beautiful, similar, so attentive to each other, happy, everyone around admired the strength of their blood ties, at common gatherings and feasts everyone was touched by them, but no one saw their dearly woven hands under the table, not noticed their short sensual looks.
A few years later, they really left their small town in the capital, and still live there, all friends know them as husband and wife, and parents still consider them as a loving brother and sister.
How difficult it is sometimes to write about something, although you understand that this story, like others, will only be read and forgotten, but I would like this story to tell many people about many things.
This happened to us for a long time.
To this day, it remains our most secret and most passionate secret, between me and my brother.
Our family has always been friendly and fun, our parents simply adored.
We have always tried to give us the best: appliances, clothing, food, resorts, and so on.
We live outside the city, so everyone has

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their own room, dressing room, bath and toilet, which is very cool taking into account the fact that we are all different (in the sense of hygiene and so on). Free online games sex games.

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