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Of course, Zhenya and his wife Sveta did not immediately come to this, but now, thanks to the persistence of her husband, Sveta has become a decent slut, who with pleasure is given to several men at once in the presence of her husband.
With all this, Sveta is surprisingly “faithful” wife, who only occasionally spends time with her men alone with the permission of her husband, and always accepts them right at home and at almost any time.
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But they became even more when the daughter of Sveta, Dasha, joined the new family traditions.
It couldn’t have happened otherwise, it couldn’t be concealed, and now Eugene is watching not only how his wife is pulled, but how his sixteen-year-old daughter is moaning under the pressure of the big members of her mother’s lovers.

Based on the foregoing, Dasha, of course, is far from an angel, although her face is just that – just an innocent girl, a brunette with short hair and a slender figure.
Unlike mom, she doesn’t have anyone to change, and at school many guys know what a hot thing she really is, which almost does not refuse anyone.

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There are several guys in the class with whom Dasha has an interesting relationship.
Sometimes after classes she, after receiving the key from the class, closes there on duty, but instead of cleaning the room and washing the board, a couple of boys join Dasha and the cleaning has to be postponed.
“Dasha, I don’t understand! What did you do there? The classroom was poorly cleaned again, you don’t have to put one on duty at all!” – this can often be heard from a teacher, but all this is quickly and easily forgotten, Dasha is an excellent student and does well in school.
Having closed in the classroom, so that no one would interfere with them, the guys unzip their pants and take out their trunks, Dasha, squatting on his haunches, immediately begins to serve them with his mouth.
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