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Morning fountain was not enough? “So it’s not your first time?” – I laughed.
– What

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happened? – asked Lena who came running to the noise.
“I let the fountain go again,” she complained to Ksyush’s little nephew. “Look, Len, how he spattered my shirt.
Ksyusha showed her sister a wet spot on her chest.
“Alyosha has become so harmful lately,” she continued to jokingly complain about baby Ksyush.
“I wonder why he never pees at me during a diaper change?” – Lena smiled, – Only with you this way behaves.
Very suspicious.
Well, admit what you did to him.
“I just smeared baby cream between my legs,” made Ksyush’s innocent face, “Tell her Olka.”
“Aha, smeared with cream,” I confirmed, “At the same time she showed me all the ticklish places between Alyosha and the legs.
– Everything is clear, – said Lena, – for some reason I immediately thought so.
Ksyusha also likes how to tease karapuza tickling.
“So he took revenge on her,” I laughed. “I’m not surprised why the boy doesn’t love her so much.”
– Aha, how, revenge, – Lena smiled, – These little ones still do not know how to do it on purpose.
– To write? – clarified Ksyusha, – Why does he then constantly strive to spray me? “The usual reaction of infants to tickling,” explained Lena.
“It’s so interesting,” I wondered, “Has it really caused a trickle of tickling?” – Of course from tickling.
– Lena answered, – Although the bladder, I am sure, was also full.
If I didn’t want for a small one, I wouldn’t have arranged such a fountain.
“Wait,” I looked at Lena, perplexed. “So he would have peeed anyway now?” “Not now, but in 5-10 minutes,” Lena corrected me, “Tickling simply did not allow him to endure the urge.”
She immediately makes the child relax.
We often use this technique in our hospital.
– Tickling? – I asked with a smile.
– Yeah, – Lena nodded, – The easiest way is to make the child pee.

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Especially chest, when you need to take a urine test.
Lena took the blue tube off the table and pointedly twisted the cap.
“I entrusted her to anoint the child with baby cream,” she grumbled. “Alyosha, are you a living doll so messing around?” Not to mention that you have spent a half a pet on it.
“Sorry, Len,” Ksyusha looked down.
– And when will you grow up? – Lena sighed, pushing her younger sister aside.
“Why did you decide to strip him?” – I was surprised, watching, as Lena releases hands of the kid from a baby’s undershirt.
– I want to lie naked, – explained Lena, – I taught him now, in the summer, to take air baths twice a day.
– Tempered? – I smiled – Aha, – Lena nodded, – Although he still needed to lie for a few minutes without a diaper so that the cream was absorbed.
Lena turned to her sister.
– Well, Ksyusha, even though you can be trusted? she asked Ksyusha. “Look after the child for five minutes while he lies naked on the table.”
Ksyusha nodded silently.
“You can do gymnastics with him so that you don’t get bored,” Lena said and ran away to the kitchen again.
“We are going to do gymnastics now,” Ksyusha told the five-month-old baby with a tender smile, carefully taking his little hands.
I watched as she began to bend and unbend Alyoshyna pens.
– Immediately smiled, – said Ksyusha, – How we love children’s gymnastics.
“It would be fun to do this gymnastics with Sasha,” I said.
– Try it, – smiled Ksyusha.
“I’ll just repeat everything after you,” I said.
Throwing a quick glance at Ksyusha, I began to do the same exercises with Sasha, which she did with her baby.
“We are lifting the handles up,” I said, “and now we lower it down.”
So, in turn.
And to the sides too.
“How good you are,” Ksyusha smiled.
I quietly laughed, watching Sasha – he was so embarrassed and offended by his face now.
– And now the bike! – announced Ksyusha and began alternately to bend and unbend her naked baby legs, – Let’s show everyone how we can pedal.
I smiled and also started to make Sasha a “bicycle”.
“Such a big one can do this exercise himself,” Ksyusha noted.
– Right.
– I agreed, and lowering Sasha’s legs, looked expectantly at the naked boy.
Sasha continued to lie motionless on the table.
– Well? – I shouted at the boy, – Come on, jerk legs! “I know how to make his legs jerk off,” Ksyusha laughed and whispered in my ear so that I tickled the boy.
“I’ll try now,” I smiled and lightly ran my fingers over Sasha’s pubis.
– What is squeezed? – the nurse shouted at Sasha, – Legs shoulder-width apart! Like this.
Sasha felt other people’s fingers forcibly unclenched his ass.
It was terribly embarrassing to stand naked in such a pose – knowing that the counselors were looking at him with might and main. Free livejasmin teasers.

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