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Wipe dry.
better wipe.
I wiped my sperm with a wet napkin, wiping it from my foot.
It did not cause idle feelings in me, often in a state of animal excitement I imagined how I ended up on her legs and then licked my sperm with my tongue, but every time immediately after the orgasm this thought seemed wild to me and I never tried.
– Well, well done, well done.
Finished my legs.
– Suddenly praised his wife.
Thank you for this support.
– Maybe you want

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to stroke Anya’s legs? Like the first sentence of this story, did the wife playfully ask? And if now a bit of excitement a little higher, I would certainly answer – yes, of course, legs.
However, now the feeling of desolation after orgasm has not yet passed, and I, pretending to be extremely embarrassed, hurriedly left the room, ducking behind the closed bathroom door.
– Indeed, what was it?
– It is best to do after bathing, when the skin is steamed, – the doctor began to explain, – Or, put ten minutes into the basin with warm water.
Just take and pull the skin as far as you can.
You lubricate the opened head with baby oil – we will not do this now, because we must take a urine test – and cover the gauge.
After you have returned the skin to the place, you gently change it so that the oil gets everywhere.
And once again you are putting off.

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Remember? Lena nodded silently.
“And so 10 times,” the doctor continued, “She pulled back, anointed, put it back in place.”
I just warn you right away that the boys’ head is very sensitive.
So be prepared for surprises.
– Fountains of surprise? – Lena giggled.
“Yeah,” the nurse smiled. “All the boys usually pee during this procedure.”
“Do it every day,” said the doctor, “And so, millimeter by millimeter in a couple of weeks the head will open completely.
“I myself can do this procedure with him,” said Lena.
“Try it,” said the doctor, jerking up my legs, “Ta-ak.”
There is no diaper rash – good.
Other people’s fingers began to tickle my scrotum, causing me to shiver.
“The testicles are normal,” the doctor said, squeezing my legs so that I wouldn’t jerk with them.
Suddenly the tickling sharply intensified, becoming quite unbearable.
– And the reflexes are in order, – Filatov smiled.
– what are the reflexes? – Lena asked in surprise.
“Look,” the cold fingers began again, unbearably tickling my scrotum, “You see how the testicles pull up when I lightly touch them.
First left.
Now right.
And now both.
“And they are really catching up,” Lena giggled. “I couldn’t understand in practice in the kindergarten whether it was normal or not.
That many boys have cowardly testicles – they hide from other people’s fingers.
“Absolutely normal,” said the doctor.
Finally leaving my testicles alone, the doctor for a couple of seconds opened my fingers to my ass, looking for something in my hole.
I wanted to fall under the ground with shame.
– Everything, – she turned to the nurse, dropping my legs down, – Now you, Irisha, do it.
– Take a smear and urine for analysis? – clarified that.
– And do not forget to measure the temperature.
“Good,” Ira nodded, putting gauze under my ass.
Once again in a familiar posture with my legs turned upside down, I saw a thin wand with a cotton tip in the nurse’s hands — a second before she went to my ass. Free adult live sex.

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