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In general, Baba Olya is nothing, she is not angry, not grumbling, even silent and

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works all the time, and that I was given to her.
It’s too much to hang around the village for a month, walking around the yard and counting her chickens, they are cute, but I’m not their cinnamon.
In general, at the end of the week I rebelled and left, though I left a note that I would not worry, I know what will happen in the evening, but I cannot sit here and go.
The village itself is large, even nice, one-story houses and all chopped, there is no brick, except that the office and the store, several roads, a couple of wells, and perhaps everything, oh, there is no farm, sawmill, then a fleet that is, after all, the villagers are doing something.
() The first day I walked along the main street, I felt the views from the curtains, I was vigilantly watched, I thought I didn’t know, but wherever I went I was under control.
After examining the village, I returned home, Grandma took it quite calmly, even silently, fed and turned off the light.
The next day I started all over again, this time, Baba Olya only warned me that I would not go through the highway, there are only fields and forest and many cobwebs, I said thanks to her, smacked a couple of apples on my cheek and ran away.
Despite the fact that the village was not small, I didn’t meet girls of my own age, maybe they went away or like everyone else doing housework, met a few guys, they just whistled and ran away, too, guys didn’t even say hello to me and okay, I hurt.

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This time I didn’t look around at the views, everything was interesting to me, what was there, what was there, what was behind the village, and why did the church burn down, why did the bridge fall apart, why was the harvester standing in the middle of a field without wheels? Everything was interesting to me, maybe because of boredom, but every day I went farther and farther away, because there, something new and what is there? Ten years later I returned to my village, but now I consider it mine. I was here a little, but survived so much, it seems that I grew up here.
And here I am again on the road, it is different, they have covered with asphalt, a new bridge, pillars with lighting, and in the store they sell Coca-Cola.
It seems to be all too, just behind the house that stands at the fork there is a well, she herself ran there with a bucket, and over there, Leshka lives a little further, that is, probably lived.
I met him at the end of the second week of my imprisonment in this wilderness, he showed me a lot, climbed all the ruins of an old abandoned village with him, she was not far from here, all overgrown with bushes and trees.
We read and laughed, sunbathed, and once nearly fought, but that was so long ago.
Leshka was beaten when I met him, he sat on the river and took his tears, no one wants to look at him when you cry.
Even from afar, I heard someone fling their noses, toli from curiosity, toli from understanding that this is why this someone does this, but I shoved myself into the bushes to see who it was.
He did not turn away, his face was beaten, in abrasions, his lip was swollen, and there were still traces of unwashed blood on his neck. Direct live sex chat.

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