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Tatyana Viktorovna sat relaxed, listening to outlandish music, examining the chic insides of the car, and sneaking watching as the stranger was driving.
Having approached the building of the bus station, the man carefully looked into the face of Tatiana Viktorovna, and suddenly said.
“My name is Valery Ivanovich, and how are you called-magnify?” “Tatyana: Viktorovna,” she answered uncertainly.
“That’s what, Tatyana Viktorovna, I want to invite you to visit me!” Said Valery Ivanovich very resolutely. “Think carefully before you immediately refuse, listen to your heart! “But, in my opinion, you have already invited someone to visit,” Tatyana Viktorovna nodded in the backseat, where a cake, a bottle of wine and sweets lay, just don’t lie that it was you who bought me! “And you are observant!” – the man remarked, after which he took out a mobile phone, retrieved a number from the memory, and pressed the call button.

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Tatyana Viktorovna was perplexedly watching his manipulations.
When the receiver was picked up at that end, Valery Ivanovich switched on the speakerphone.
The young girl answered with a lively and cheerful voice, which Valery Ivanovich said that he could not come in today, as he had promised, urgent matters.
The girl pretended to be upset, and quickly saying goodbye, hung up.
Tatiana Viktorovna, for some reason, she presented herself in the form of a red-haired saleswoman from a sex shop.
Having finished the conversation, Valery Ivanovich said.
– “Here.
Bridges for myself, I already burned, regardless of your decision.
I hope you appreciate it. ”
Tatyana Viktorovna thought.
shaking along a bumpy road for several hours in a row, she did not want to be alone with her gloomy thoughts, and this person was very interesting to her, although she understood that he could hardly have serious intentions.

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“Tell me, is Lexus a Chinese car?” she asked unexpectedly for herself.
Then came the turn of wonder at her interlocutor.
“No, Japanese! But, forgive me, how it can be relevant:” he exclaimed.
“I agree!” – she interrupted him.
The car pulled away again.
“So I burned the bridges behind me!” – flashed through the head of a school teacher.
All the way, while they were driving along the streets littered with yellow leaves, Valery Ivanovich spoke about himself.
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