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Well maybe.
Pieces fifty? Yes, no, divide in half, and then it will definitely be, including disposable, including random.
And how many of these? Hard to say.
And what does random mean? Sometimes, to catch a suitable case, it was necessary to put a lot of effort and spend a lot of time.
But the case was caught, but there was no continuation.
And why? For various reasons, including psychological and physiological.
How did you find me in terms of physiology? Lovely! – he kisses her.
– And you me? I am an inexperienced lady, and I know very little about men.
.Fat? And husband? And woman talk? Well, womanish revelations about their womanish adventures, on the one hand, aroused the desire to try it myself, and on the other, gave rise to fears.
Fears of what?

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Starting with an unwanted pregnancy and ending up with the disease picked up
I’m not talking about disappointment.
Frustrating what? How did you just say that? Oh, yes, for psychological and physiological reasons.
So how are you not disappointed? So far, dear, not in the slightest degree, despite all the mockery that you have subjected me to before.
Who knows? It would not be those foreplay, which you call mockery, maybe you would be disappointed at once.
May be.
You are an experienced man, you have cards in your hands.
I confess that it was precisely disappointment that I most feared.
In girlhood, before marriage, I had one boyfriend.
He had such a huge one.
that turned me around.
the whole inside.
and when I began to compare it with what my husband had, I confess that comparison was not in his favor.

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Every time I had a feeling that I was there too.
how to say it.
A lot of free space, that is not closely.
Am I right? Right.
What does it mean, an experienced person.
So, the little one after the big one didn’t really like your treasure? – Leonid specifies and puts his hand on this treasure.
What are you intelligent! And yet you finally decided to take a chance and try something else.
Is not it? Not certainly in that way.
A lot of things in family life causes dissatisfaction.
What exactly? Just do not list.
Monotony, perhaps? Not without it.
And what else? All sorts of troubles.
Where without them? Ordinary some kind of, everyday vanity, endless routine, male selfishness, finally.
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