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in a sense, the black girl I saw.
– I do not take offense at the black woman, and I’m not an African American.
You can call me as you like.
I understand that I do not understand something.
But I still do not understand what exactly I do not understand.
Okay, let’s change tactics.
– Are you cold? Where are you from? Where are your clothes? – About the “not cold” I, of course blurted out, did not think.
The temperature was around 28 Celsius, and the Sun was roasting from the sky.
But the question was rather psychological.
I’m not used to somehow stumble on the street at the naked girls.
She calmly replied: – I have no clothes.
I’m from the Omega lab.
And I’m not cold.
I can withstand temperatures as low as minus sixty degrees Celsius in the nude.
From the lab? What is Omega? And what a strange way of expressing for a black girl who just wanted to be raped? “Tell me, how did you end up with these guys?” Belatedly, it began to come to me that I, quite possibly, did not interrupt the act of violence, but prevented a kind of perverted sex by mutual agreement.
It is not often that you meet this, even in the Jungle, but the low frequency of events does not cancel the fact of the existence of such a relationship.
– They stole me.
As I said in my distant childhood, one popular radio host “you cannot cook porridge with you.”
– Ok, go with me.
I have no idea what kind of laboratory they will be looking for, and who she is.
But to leave her naked in the back of a tropical continent is complete nonsense.
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