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Then she turned around and sat on her knees in front of Sergei.
She wrapped her arms around his head and stuck to his mouth, greedily licking his drool.
Sergey’s member rested against her in the pubis.
And Anna continued to greedily kiss Sergei.
Then she turned to the pelvis and leaned over, Sergey saw her hole again and rushed to fuck her, but Anya sharply pushed him.
She continued to rummage in the pelvis and pulled out two panties.
Put my shabby pants in your mouth.
– she said.
Sergey obediently shoved them in his mouth.
Now you can fuck me.
Anya stooped with cancer and arched.
It turned out that the hole was all in front of Sergei.
She bit a bit and priests got out a small piece of shit.
Sergey leaned against the member and slightly pressed.
Anya straightened and a member gently entered the gut, smearing it by shit.
Sergei began to fuck her, he did not experience such a buzz with any jerkiness, not even with petroleum jelly.
Then he pulled out a member and said he wanted her in her pussy.
Anya was not against.
He shoved his dick in his pussy and just held it there for a few seconds.
“How nice, warm and slippery,” he thought.
He started to fuck her in her pussy and there was also a cool, squishy sound.
Soon, Sergei felt the approaching ejaculation and told Anya about it.
she quickly turned around and took his cock in her mouth.
And she began to suck deeply and quickly.
Sergey was on the 7th sky from a high.
He realized that his dick sucked and saw before him the face of Ani.

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All his dreams began to come true.
“Fuck-II, I’ll finish it in her mouth now.
Cum in mouth chick, yes! Cum in the mouth of the chick! ”- Sergei thought and the sperm approached the exit and soon began to shoot Anya directly in the mouth.
Aaaa! Fuck II! – shouted Sergey – A, fuck-II-II, yes-ah-ah-ah !.
Anya let go of her penis and Sergey leaned against the wall, he opened his mouth wide and began to breathe air greedily, while he began to laugh.
To be continued.
This story happened to me during my studies at the university.
An elderly physiology professor piled me up at the standings.
He appointed me a re-examination for some reason at home.
The guys said that he had a 30-year-old sexy wife.
And in the middle of the day I arrived at the professor’s house.
Opened the wife of the professor.
If there are beautiful women in the world then it is about her.
A pretty woman of about thirty appeared before me.
She was beautiful in the simplicity of her clothes.
Brunette average height.
Minimum makeup.
Lilac blouse tightly wrapped beautiful breasts.
Between the skirt and the jacket looked open navel.
A gray short skirt successfully emphasized the slimness of her lovely legs.
With a charming smile, she invited me into the room.
From her came the comfort and coziness of the hospitable housewife.
You don’t mind waiting for the professor in the kitchen.
I’ll finish cleaning there.
I entered the spacious modern kitchen.
Sit down! The phone rang.
She said only one word in the phone.
Clear!!! Grudgingly put it.
Well, it will be too late again.
And while you tell me he torments you great? I answered something but could not take my eyes off her perfectly folded figure.
After finishing cleaning sat opposite.
Taking a cup of coffee, she erotically

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threw a leg over her leg, sexually exposing the beautiful female legs covered with black fishnet stockings.
Lightly stroking their well-groomed hand continued the conversation.
As if having forgotten, I pulled both legs to my chest while sitting on a chair and they appeared to me in all their glory.
The professor had a great taste. Camshaft assembly.

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