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I can not carry it in myself, but the paper can endure everything.
And, if they read my story, let it be a lesson for everyone.
I live in a provincial town.
I am 22 years old.
Married 3 years ago for a loved one.
A year later, a child was born.
And after a year and a half, I returned to work.
They didn’t live richly, so I couldn’t sit on maternity leave for a long time.
The little son was given to the nursery.
Everything was wonderful.
My husband is happy, me too.
A few months ago, they took a loan for a large amount.
if you only know what this loan will be.
I will not say that we took out a loan, as well as by whom I work, and by whom my husband works.
I don’t want to be recognized.
Let me just say that I work in the commercial sphere, and my husband is a narrow specialist.
However, if we are recognized, so be it.
And now, like a bolt from the blue, the husband is left without work.
We were shocked with a child in her arms, with debts on a loan and a bunch of other problems.
It was difficult for my husband to find a job in a profession, it was almost impossible.
Finding feasible, paid work was also impossible.
Even the movers were not needed.
While my husband was hard at work, I took on additional duties in my service, for which I paid extra.
We also borrowed money.
The first, after the dismissal of her husband, we were able to repay the loan, because we fed on old stocks.
But for the second month I alone could not pull.
I cried.
Husband reassured.
He said that he would definitely find a job.
And he really was looking for her.
But so far in vain.
I did not get out of work.
We could no longer borrow money, because they, too, should be given away in the future.
Of course, the rumor about our position reached colleagues.

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Then one day my boss summoned me.
I know about your financial situation, – he began at the door, – and I want to help you.
Thank you, I replied.
In my competence to increase your level and, accordingly, your salary.
Thanks a lot! I will be very grateful to you! Will you.
Especially when I pour my sperm down your throat.
What!? – at first it seemed to me that I had misheard.
But then these words echoed in my head: “.
I will pour your sperm into your throat.
“I heard.
For my help, you will suck me every day.
Do not hurry with refusal, because, in case of your disagreement, I will dismiss you.
And you just imagine how you will continue to live!

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I was shocked, in a stupor.
Thoughts mixed in my head.
It seemed to me that I was sleeping.
Before my eyes stood a husband with a crying baby in his hands.
I was thrown in the heat, then in the cold.
And this ghoul meanwhile finished off.
Queue for unemployment benefits, problems with the bank, quarrels with her husband, poverty.
or, you just open your mouth and your salary goes up sharply.
It is enough for you to pay the loan and for a living.
At least you won’t go on the porch.
I listened to him, looking somewhere in the wall.
His voice reached me from afar, but his every word was hammering into my brain.
There is nothing wrong.
You’re not a little girl anymore, but a married woman.
And, for sure, you take it in your husband’s mouth.
So you won’t see anything wrong with my pants.
Men all have this process.
Really? I was in prostration and did not know what to say to me.
Well, agree, it’s just anatomy.
I help you, and you make me nice.
That’s all.
Or you are fired.
His last words took my breath away, and I winced.
This bastard really fires me.
I’m not some kind of monster, but the most ordinary man.
So come on, get on your knees and open your lips.
He put his hand on my shoulder and pressed down hard.
I have not made any decision yet.
Yes, and that I could decide when thoughts just scattered in different directions.
Circles floated before my eyes.
In a semi-conscious state, I knelt down.
My eyes flashed before my eyes, unbuttoning my fly.
I looked in nowhere.
It smelled of sweaty eggs.
Good girl! Open your mouth.
I obeyed, like a bunny hypnotized by a boa.
Immediately a member of my boss moved into my mouth.
Close your lips.
I wrapped my lips around my dick.
The boss grabbed my head with his hands and started to fuck me in the mouth.
Everything happened in a dream.
Even kneeling with arms down and a member in my mouth, I could hardly believe in what was happening. Cam sex 4.

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