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Fortunately, I had a car, so the discussion of “technical issues” ended there.
And then came the hour “H” – Friday night.
For the meeting, I chose a rather popular place in the city – “Tubeteika” teahouse, although the food is not of the highest class, but there is a decent hookah, and you can eat on the floor, that is, on the couch, which disposes to informal communication.
Marina (at least as she introduced herself) asked to pick her up at such an address.
It was a very decent area in the city center.
I described my car to her, arrived at the appointed time, and now she opens the door and easily and gracefully takes place next to me.
She looked better than in the pictures! I exhaled in my mind and, after saying hi-hi, I stretched to peck her.
To my joy, she did not pull away, but gave a cheek, pleasantly smelling and tender.
She was in a good mood, and we chatted about some kind of nonsense, laughed – it’s good that she got into the right car, and then how many maniacs drive around the city, how disgustingly we repair roads in the city, as she was once stopped for brick, and then released, but still all the cops are goats, and so on and so forth.
A meaningless conversation for as yet strangers, but which allows you to tune in to one wave.
I glanced at her cute profile, and it seemed incredible to me, then in a couple of hours I would probably fuck this carefree girl in the same car, without long courtship, gifts and confessions.
Having taken a reserved table in the teahouse, we continued to communicate also naturally. Bisex webcam tube.

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