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I lifted his robe and spread his hands apart his buttocks, gently licked his anus.
Valery spread his legs wider, giving Valentina an opportunity, it is more convenient to caress his ass, while he himself continued to smoke, clawing at the beater.
Valentina was no longer shy and worked diligently with her tongue, licking the man’s anus, capturing his dangling testicles and stroking the swollen trunk with her palm.
After some time, Valentine bent and stuck her head between his thighs, wrapped her lips around his cock.
The finger of her right hand, she began to knead his anus and gradually enter into his ass.
Introducing Valeria in the ass with one phalanx, she released the penis from her mouth and asked: – More? – Yes, – Valery answered shortly.
Having clasped Valentina’s head with his hands, he began to introduce his penis into her mouth, and pulling out to sit on her finger, which each time penetrated his anus deeper and deeper.
– Mmmm.
– moaning Valentine, – Bad boy, – pulled out a member from his mouth, said Valentine and spat in his palm, the collected saliva.
Again, her lips wrapped around her penis, she smeared saliva over Valery’s anus and began to insert two fingers already.
Valery moved slowly, each time sitting on the fingers of his mistress deeper and deeper.
– Mmm, yes, I see you like my fingers in the ass? Is it really that nice? – looking up from a member, asked Valentina.
“Very,” answered shortly, Valerius continued to move.
– And you do not accidentally.
not bi? – Valentine asked, looking into the eyes of Valeria.
– No I do not think so.
I like sex only with women, – answered Valery.
– Isn’t it nice to you? – he asked.
– Well no.
The most important thing is that you like it.
You make me nice! Why can’t I make you happy? Even if it will be fingers in your delicious ass.
Or do you want something else there? “I have a long cucumber,” Valentina dispersed.

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– Not today.
Then somehow discuss and maybe try.
Good? – suggested Valery.
– As you say.
Can we change a pose? The neck is numb.
Lie down, I will sit on you, – suggested Valentine and removed from his ass fingers, slapping her hand on the buttock, – Lustful! – And pulled the Free for a room.
Valery lay on the bed, Valentina climbed on top of him, lifted her uniform skirt, had no panties on her, spread her legs and wrapped her arm around the penis to the entrance to the vagina.
Falling down on him completely, she exhaled.
After sitting a bit, she twisted her hips and began to squat on it.
Bending over Valerie began to kiss him on the lips.
Valnov grabbed her by the buttocks and began to move her hips to the meeting.
Valentina sighed, moaned, scooped up her big breasts right through a uniform blouse with a tie, until she huddled in an orgasm, clutching Valeria’s body with her hips and leaning back.
Valery at this time was pulling her clit, holding her hips.
– wow! – breathed out Valentine and got down from Volnova.
– Was she tired? – Valery asked and stroked his thigh.
– Yes, umatal you me today.
I’m old for such

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Tomorrow everything will hurt, – Valentina said with a gasp.
– And you did not finish again? Can I help you? She suggested.
“It would not be bad,” he replied.
Valentina lay on her back.
– Sit on my face.
I’ll suck your testicles, and you masturbate.
Just do not finish the form.
Better in your mouth.
She suggested.
Valery quickly saddled a woman, exposing her scrotum to her mouth.
Thrusting the barrel several times into his mouth and wetting it with saliva, he began to masturbate.
Valentine at this time sucked and licked his testicles, pushing the buttocks with her hands.
She emboldened her anus completely, trying to insert her tongue into it.
Valery appreciated the affection and bent a little in the back, allowing the woman to penetrate deeper into his tongue.
Having caressed Volnova’s anus, Valentina changed her tongue to her fingers, and again began to caress the testicles with her mouth.
Volnov did not have to wait long, snarling something not articulate, raised himself above Valentina and sent his trunk into her open mouth.
“Sssuk,” I moaned Valery, pressing his crotch against Valentina’s face, which, for the first time in her life, relaxed her throat and swallowed the fully male member without even noticing it.
Portions of sperm splashed right in the throat.
And only then did she understand what it means to “fuck in the mouth.”
She coughed and sperm hitting the air passage jumped out of the nose.
Valery quickly removed the member, afraid that Valentine could choke or choke.
The woman rolled onto her stomach and coughed.
– What are you doing, you fool! Beauty naked girl on webcam.

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