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In due time, intimidating, therefore, Olezhek, who was already ready for everything, allegedly befell her pregnancy, Lyubov Ivanovna finally changed the maiden name that had bothered her to a more harmonious one – Khryakova.
Speaking of pregnancy.
Being Pustodyrovoy by definition, Lyubov Ivanovna was not capable of childbirth.
Apparently the heroic growth and fortieth size of the leg indirectly indicated some hormonal problems in her body.
Despite the absence of children, and maybe just because of this circumstance, the marriage turned out to be successful.
At the time of the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Oleg Petrovich Khryakov and his spouse, like most top-level Komsomol workers, were at the right time at the right place and snatched a good business supplying office supplies from one of the leading American manufacturers to Moscow and the regions.
Becoming the general director of CJSC “Tri” D “, Oleg Petrovich surprisingly competently led the business and promoted the company to a decent annual turnover.
In the good went and communication in the customs committee and the tax police.
(It’s not for nothing, it’s not for nothing that Oleg Petrovich tore at his time the liver and other organs at Komsomol orgies! How he felt that colleagues in collective debauchery would lead structures and institutions that were vital for a young entrepreneur).
Needless to say, his wife Lyuba, having reforged swords on plowshares, headed the accounting department in order to give the machinations of her husband the appearance of legality and business partnership.

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Here it was admittedly an economic education that was absolutely useless during the years of the cultural and mass formation of her personality.
So, by the time of the described events, the Khryakovs’ couple was a harmoniously developed social unit, prosperous, if not flourishing, financially and having everything that the average man could not even dream of.
And everything would be good and wonderful if it were not for the strange bouts of longing for the unfulfilled and the empirical search for the meaning of life that tormented Oleg Petrovich already, as we had noticed, six months and aggravated two weeks ago.
She also had a goal.
Yes, just like that, with a capital “Tse”.
What is the use of these horny youngsters? They would only fuck six times a day, and if you want to give a flower to a girl once again or, there, a little ring, you can’t wait for it, although you can erase the whole of the blisters.
And Lenochka wanted everything at once.
No, you do not think, she was not greedy, God forbid! But you have to respect yourself.
Why waste a young ripe body on some young ragged people, of whom it is not yet known, will it be good, if there are so many rich aging Buratin around, and those who are trying to stick their long nose in the Lenochkino neckline or even deeper.
Of course, the shark scale Abramovich or Vekselberg.

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girl Lyadovoy too tough.
And to hell with these Jews and their family traditions! You will take away such a golden calf of old years from the family stall, and what, I ask you ?! He will give all his fortune to his ex-wife and children, and to her, young and beautiful, he will get a battered man, very much “ba y”, with whom he must start all over again.
No, figs! There are, there are still wealthy old men: with capital, without children and moral principles, and in bed still about th-th (if you correctly pour “Viarga” into tea with lemon before bedtime).
You just have to look.
“Fight and search, find and not give up!” – Helen remembered a vivid phrase from some completely forgotten children’s book.
To rely on a blind case or a fool of Fortune, the young lady Lyadova was not accustomed and took the search for a path to a bright future in her own hands.
For the past year and a half, she has been studying job advertisements for large companies. Amateur cam sex video.

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