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Honey, you were great, Natasha said, dismounting from my mouth.
Natasha, take off my handcuffs, my hands are already numb.
No, dear, now I will go to the souls and then you will lick me again and again until I decide to let you go.
You are now my slave! You understood me? She left the room, and I tried to free myself, as it turned out it was not difficult, the handrails on the bed, for which the handcuffs were hooked, were easily removed.
When I took off the shackles, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of anger towards this girl, how she could not let me go when I said and after that put conditions on me.
I left the room and saw her, the door to the bath was not closed, she stood naked by the mirror and admired her beloved.
I ran into the bathroom, twisted her hands by force and bent my face into the wash basin, at that moment I didn’t control myself, she objected to something there, but I didn’t hear her, I inserted the dick into her pussy and started to fuck her quickly and with malicious frenzy when the veil of anger fell from my eyes, I noticed that she no longer resists, she moves to the beat of my movements and groans from pleasure.

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I wanted to change my position, I put her on the washing machine in front of me, spread her legs and continued to fuck her.
I liked to watch my dick drilling her pussy, she moaned, rolling her eyes.
Come on fuck me, I’m your slut, whispered Natasha in my ear.
About 20 minutes later we ended violently at the same time.
This was my first time with a woman and he will always be remembered by me.
Dear girls, you are the most beautiful creatures on the planet, if you read my story and you liked to write it to my mail, I will be glad to communicate with each.
The sun.
Lake Shore.
Alenka is sleeping after a sleepless night, substituting her back for the sun.
I sit beside

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me, and my eyes slowly glide over what the sun shines on.
A sleepy thought wearily weaves after a glance.
Oops! A thought suddenly caught on something.
The gaze returned and focused on the same spot.
Both of them contemplated two round, slightly covered with a swimsuit, knoll in the middle of Alenka.
– It would be great.
– Thought a thought.
– If a tattooed tail presented itself, it would look down from the knoll from under the matter.
I would immediately draw a devil hiding there, passionately climbing to the top of the hill.
“What a beautiful thought.”
– Filed from below signs of life erection, removing the body from sleepy torpor.
– A really beautiful thought.
– I thought.
– It is a pity that it is unrealizable, at least in the foreseeable future.
But the thought, gradually turning from a sleepy into a crazy one, worked frantically further.
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