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In the third year of my game, the game capsules were in every sixtieth family.
Forcing out all other competitors, as they simply could not compete with my game.
Some even tried to copy my game capsules, but it just wouldn’t work for them.
First of all, it would be very difficult, and expensive, to copy the technology of game capsules.
And secondly, in them, would not be the most important, me, or rather parts of me, a small capsule with my blood, which would serve as a beacon and key to my world.
And thirdly, my consent to the entrance.
In addition, although my game capsules were expensive, approximately, like an average car, but the price did not go to any comparison with the possibilities obtained with the purchase.
Moreover, the players could even earn money, or rather convert the game currency into the money of your world, but only electronically.
The saved I lived in different places, since I had extensive possessions, in my world it was “God’s world” and “Vistula” and some other planetoids that I created for different things, or even just like that, and in your world, I owned a lot of things.
But most of the time I lived with one of my triple sisters.

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Either with Qatar on the Vistula, now with Sir on the “God’s World”, then with Zara in your world.
Sometimes I spent the night with one of those who played my game.
About one such, you can tell.
Her name was Ira, she was a “Doctor” in the Game, and a simple nurse in your world.
A girl of about twenty-five, with a pretty face and a sports figure.
By the way, in the Game, she was the “Dark Elf Woman”, all with the same pretty face framed by sharp little ears, with a lot of earrings, and long braids, fiery red color, woven into a fancy pattern.
Her avatar figure was almost

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exactly the same as her real one, except that her hips and ass were a bit more rounded, and her bosoms were a bit bigger or even two.
But this is due to the fact that she is a Doctor, in her skills there is a point plastic surgery, which allows you to adjust certain parts of the body, to certain limits, depending on the skill level of the skill.
I met her on a large raid that took place in a deep dungeon, on a rather large, and a strong demon.
His Qatar created a very long time, even at the very beginning, when the Vistula, only took its first players.
The demon turned out so strong and tenacious, that ever since, he has withstood more than a hundred attempts to overwhelm him, with quite large groups of players.
After the fiftieth attempt, Qatar lifted restrictions on the number of players in the raid.
But even after that, no one has yet been able to overwhelm this demon.
We participated in the next attempt to overthrow the invincible demon.
I was one of the tanks and was with the avatar of the “Ancient Elven War”, and Ira, in the Game, “Irene Verdun” was one of the three healers in our party. Wife masturbates on webcam.

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