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My member again shot cum and in the same second Gela’s member injected me with the first portion of his seed. I don’t remember how many of them were since I had the strongest orgasm, but no less than five.
And Gela made a few more shocks and collapsed on me.
A couple of minutes later he got up, pulled my leg off the couch, put the dick in my mouth: Lick it – he croaked, and I gladly took up the business that would thank him for the pleasure.
– Well, so you designed me? – smiling slyly and holding his dick near my lips, I asked – Yes, welcome to the company – he smiled.
This is my first story, so do not judge strictly.
I work in the company as the head of the department for the sale and purchase of all kinds of electronics and electrical engineering in Moscow, such as printers, scanners, monitors.
My immediate superior is a woman.
Her name is Oksana, she is 28 years old, she is a wild bitch and dresses very defiant.

There is no family, and despite the fact that she looks awesome, she also did not have a boyfriend.
Our whole department, it consists of 13 people, is crazy about her and they want to be subordinate to her and not to me.
I forgot, a little about myself, my name is Konstantin, I am 32 years old, athletic, single, but I had no problems with girls.
Though she is the boss, but I somehow got a little used to her shouts at me and reports that I write to her every day.
It is Friday and we organized a corporate party, about my birthday.

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9 people came with gifts and congratulations, before that I went to the store and bought drinks and all that was needed.
The fun is in full swing and she enters the office, Oksana.
All men except me were drooling and dreamed of fucking her. Women at that time were looking and preparing for reprimand and dismissal.
But Oksana Andreevna says quite calmly: – And for what reason is the fun? – One employee, Olga, replies that Konstantin Mikhailovich has a birthday today and all the fun about it.
She frowned and made not pleased with the kind said, And what you did not tell me that you have a holiday today? – Thus, probably, apologizing for the morning scandal, I would at least write you a premium.
I apologized to everyone that interrupted our holiday and left.
Colleagues, rejoicing in her departure, continued the fun, and for the first time I saw how she was outside of the work environment, and at that moment I fell in love with her.
All evening my thoughts were occupied only by her, this facial expression of her confusion, a smile, though a false smile, but it seemed to me a real one, I saw in her the very one who she really was.
It was already 23-30 when everyone started to disperse, I waited until everyone left and went to the exit myself.
Passing by Oksana’s office, I heard a quiet cry and the light from under the door fell on the floor of the corridor.
Without knowing what to do, I went to the door and knocked, opened the door a little and entered.
Oksana cried while sitting at the table, on the table was a bottle of whiskey Ballantines with exactly half the contents.
She paid attention to me.
Why did you come!!! She shouted.
Then she took out a second glass and invited me to sit next to her and have a drink with her.
I did so, for 2 hours she moaned about her life, which all men are goats and I am good, then

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I began to pester me.
I understand that she drunk called a taxi and took her home.
Honestly, the whole situation excited me wildly and it was worth my wild effort to restrain myself.
Weekend spent waiting for a meeting with her, to see her eyes and listen to her voice. Webcamslut dontkillmvibe.

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