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After completing the mission, will you go with me to Avrichihontu? I have an estate, old, but rather tolerable.
We could live there together.
Liot looked at the sorcerer.
Are you already asleep? Mmm, baby.
I am sure you will agree.
– I.
– Just kidding.
And a hand.
I went to the supermarket.
The bread ran out at home, and the sweet had to be taken.
Therefore, armed with a basket for groceries dived into the corridors of the shelves with goods.
It was not worth going on an empty stomach, everything that seemed appetizing flew into the basket, and soon it was full.
Well, my mother’s salary card was in her pocket.
And looking around in endless packages in the ready-made salads department, I saw a pretty girl, as they say, in my taste.
She was short, slender, with big breasts, red hair gathered in a ponytail at the back of her head, fell on her open, tanned back, under a pink top was white short skirt, barely hiding her ass and stunned legs, pulled into pantyhose with a line at the back ended cute shoes with heels.
She leaned over and considered the vinaigrette when I approached and said: – Hi! My name is Seryoga, and you? The red-haired cutie looked up and, looking at me as an empty place, began to examine the order of salads further under the contemptuous chuck of a fat saleswoman of this department.

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– So, what’s your name? – I asked.
The girl straightened up, making her breasts sway under the delicate matter of the topic, instantly grabbing all my attention and responding in a cool tone: – You look like a petty scholar, I’m already finishing up at the university and this communication is hardly worth continuing.
She turned away.
I felt like a king of losers.
– Give me this salad here – the beauty turned to the slyly smiling fat woman.
I, turned out to be humiliated, with a red face, climbed into one of the many pockets of my commanding pants and pulled out an awkward console.

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an unusual remote, it does not give commands to electronics, this remote controls the people.
The first time I tried it on my friend Paschke and on my mother, he showed his power of influence, since then I always carry it with me.
And now it is directed towards a chiseled figure with a caustic character.
Pushed the button.
– Come after me and listen to me in everything.
She shrugged and waved her long eyelashes.
– As you say, let’s go.
And slender tanned legs tapped heels on the tile behind me in the direction of the box office.
If the fat saleswoman were not distracted by the approached Olivier lovers, she would be very surprised by this change in the attitude of the glamorous fife to me.
We went out into the street, a bright light hit in the eyes, I shut my eyes and turned to the redhead. Naked guys spy cam.

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