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He began to slowly pick up the pace, and I answered him with my ass.
Guys noticed this and, as usual, commented on my sexual sociality.
Suddenly, I began to cover something pleasant there downstairs and I got the first orgasm, it was incredible.
Dima, stopped a bit to give me the opportunity to enjoy it, but not for a long time, because besides him, there were 6 other guys around us who were waiting for our turn and he had no choice but to continue to garden me.
One of the guys could not stand it and attached himself to my mouth, with the usual movements I let him into my mouth and sucked him as best I could.
But it was extremely inconvenient to do this, t.
Dima tarabanil me from behind and with sudden movements I found it difficult for me not to lose my balance.
Finally, Dima finished, leaving his sperm in my anal hole.
His place was immediately taken by the next guy.
And when the guy finished in front of him, they replaced him with a fresh fighter, and so in a circle, I didn’t even look at who was fucking me now, now unexpectedly discovered something unreal and enjoyed it.
Then my rapists decided to enter both of my holes at the same time.
It became interesting to me and I am light in pussy on one member, and the next guy fell in behind me and started off.
Feeling when members are wielding members in your holes and you feel them through a thin partition between them, just cannot be put into words.
After some time I got a new orgasm, and then another one.
The guys changed, and I caught the pleasure under them, which I had never seen before.
For a while they even fucked me with Troy.

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I sucked dick, and two were engaged in screwing bolts into my holes.
But in this position it was not very comfortable to have sex, usually I had either front and back in one of the holes, or in both holes at the same time.
When all the guys were already filled with me, they began to thump again.
I drank to the company with them, but I wanted more.
Then they came up with the next thing.
I settled in the center of the room, was also naked plus covered with their sperm, and they settled around, poured their drinks and decided to twist the bottle.
On whom the bottle indicates, he indicates what to do and turn the bottle again.
The guys drank and looked at my humiliation, while discussing what I am a slut.
And of course, all this was filmed by our operator.
The operator came up to me, and put the phone to my face and made all the sperm lick off my face, I obediently did everything.
Then I became on fours and he filmed what my holes turned into.
The pussy was bright red, and the sponge was a little

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blue, my crack was not closed at all, and it didn’t matter what position I was in, sitting, standing, lying, it was always ajar or completely open, and the sperm of my classmates flowed from it.
The ass was also squandered, but only slightly ajar.
Then the game began and the guys turned the bottle one by one.
The first desire was to shove as many fingers as possible in the pussy, I was able to shove a whole palm.
The next desire to do the same, but only with the anal hole, alas, I could only shove three fingers – to which the guys promised to develop it as they follow (I am waiting for them to start for it).
Then one of the guys wanted me to put a bottle of vodka in my vagina, and the next one after that made a game with a bottle, only now I had to do squats, and between the legs was a bottle and my hole to get into it.
It was terribly uncomfortable, each time taking aim with his vagina into the bottle.
Another liked the theme with the bottle and asked to insert the neck of the bottle in the ass.
When I pulled the bottle out of my ass, the neck was full of sperm and immediately followed by the next desire to suck the bottle.
But the next desire was too perverse.
I had to put the bottle in my pussy, and that the neck was outside, the bottle itself was full and not even open. Model webcam getnakedkate.

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