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The young man sealed the woman against the wall and dug into her lips with a passionate kiss.
From surprise, she hesitated a little, but the passion that flared up in the boy was passed on to the woman, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, responding to the caress of his lips.
As soon as they broke the kiss, Asia asked in surprise: What did she find on you? I can not.
– he said honestly and, grabbing her around the waist, spread her legs and re-entered her.
A door! “Close the door,” she whispered in his ear, but the boy lost his mind, feeling the flesh nervously compress around the flesh.
Not feeling the weight of her body, he threw it up, and under her own weight she fell off, sitting down to its full length.
The unexpectedness of what is happening and the extremes of random places aroused her in the blink of an eye.
Every second, she expected to see the curious face of a daughter or sister peering into a booth, and from that her body reacted even more strongly to the already sensitive penetrations.
Her lips felt the earlobe of a young lover, and the woman began to suck her like a nipple.
Everything that happened resembled some kind of erotic dream.
She, an experienced woman, who believed that youth was forever in the past suddenly felt her fire in herself.

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Indeed, only in adolescence can everything happen so spontaneously, with animal rage and an all-crushing flow of feeling.
However, these thoughts visited her already at night, when she was lying in her bed, still feeling the pleasant stretching of the muscles of her bosom, and the strange feelings of happiness and light pain, as after the very first time.
Andrew did not feel how his aunt bit his ear, and did not hear her moans, he only tightened her hold when the woman began to rush and continued to stick her over, feeling another wave of sperm boil in him.
The body of his mistress has already lost tension, when he exploded inside her and screamed.
Almost immediately, insane fatigue spread all over his body, and his legs gave way.
United together they collapsed on the floor of the shower and froze.
Drops of water fell on his face, and the young man, passing into himself, opened his eyes.
Right on it lay Aunt Asya unconscious.
He patted her wet hair and whispered in her ear.
Assenka, wake up.
It’s so good here, ”Christina told Aunt Zoe.
Yes, only now almost no one, a little boring, – said the mother of Andrew.
And so much better for me.
What is good? I do not like when there are a lot of people around.
Well, you know.
, – the woman was not found, as to answer, – and what about your boy? Would you really not want him here now? I have no boy, – admitted Christina.
The calm, simple manner of communication of the aunt arranged the girl in the woman, and she unexpectedly easily agreed with her.
Moreover, in Andrei’s mother, she absolutely did not see the features of her own mother, which made her very happy.
In a sense, they were similar to Aunt Zoya, both were restrained and cultured, unlike the girl’s

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mother, who often behaved quite loosely and even slightly provocatively.
But there was something else that attracted Christina in her aunt. Livejasmin top models.

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