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Even without removing her hand from her sister’s mouth, Jim was afraid that her cries might wake her mother, who was sleeping in the next room.
Suddenly Fran jerked and sank onto the bed like a rag doll.
She had no strength left to resist when Jim spread her legs and entered her again.
His big hard cock slid easily into her sister’s hot and wet pussy.
Jim pressed his mouth to his sister’s mouth and began to fuck his tongue slipping inside and out at the same time with the member who slid in her pussy.
Jim fucked his sister for a long time, he enjoyed every movement in her tight hot pussy, then going out of her then once again piercing to the full depth, moving in the same rhythm.
Suddenly, he felt her coming, her body tightened and the walls of her pussy began to convulse around his cock, and Jim felt that he was coming too, his cock was pulsing inside her body, pouring into her.
Jim did not leave his sister until his cock began to shrink, then he slipped out of her and lay down beside him.
They fell asleep, holding hands.
Jim awoke to hear the sound of water in the shower, looking at the clock, which showed 6:15 am.
Jim slipped out of his sister’s bed and stopped, looking at her side by side, she continued to sleep, Jim regretted that he had no more time to fuck her asleep before returning to his room.
He slid to the door and gently opened it.
Looking out of the slot, he was convinced that there was no one in the corridor, to slip through the corridor. “It will be damn difficult to explain what I am doing here at 6 o’clock in the morning naked if my mother leaves the shower now,” he thought carefully sneaking down the corridor.

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Just slipping into his room, and closing the door behind him, Jim gave a sigh of relief.
Fran woke up immediately after the door closed behind her brother.
A storm of conflicting emotions raged inside her.
She knew that what they were doing at night was wrong and dirty, but while her brother fucked her, she finished the shooting range or four times and these feelings were stronger and more pleasant than when she caressed herself.
She understood that her brother had raped her twice, but each time, before caressing herself, she imagined that her brother was doing this.
Getting out of bed, Fran threw a robe, and went to the bathroom to take a shower.
Turning on the warm water, she got under the shower and relaxed under the streams of water flowing down her body.
She took the soap and began to soap herself, unconsciously concentrating on her breasts and pussy.
She squeezed and twisted her nipples, then one hand slid down her stomach and began to slide

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her soaped fingers over the clitoris and pussy lips.
A quiet moan of pleasure broke from her lips and Fran automatically began to move her hips as if Jim continued to fuck her.
Jim got dressed quickly and walked out of the room down the stairs to the hall.
When he passed the bathroom, he heard the sound of flowing water, stopping for a second, he turned around and quickly returned to the room.
Taking the camera from the shelf, he headed back to the bathroom.
Having chosen the moment, he opened the door slightly and slid behind it, carefully closing the door behind him.
Carefully approaching the curtain, he saw a sister who caressed herself without paying any attention.
He put the camera on the shelf, and pulled out his standing member.
Fran caressed her right nipple and pussy when she felt a stream of cold air, suddenly fanning her back, through the curtain.
Her first thought was that the mother went into the shower and saw her masturbating. Livejasmin pantyhose.

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