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Having tried it once, you will never forget its feeling.
You always remember that you are vulnerable, that you must not move sharply.
Mom says that she is very good at walking and feeling femininity and beauty.
“The count cautiously pulled the cork over and Olya moaned.
The count pulled harder, the skin around the cork tightened – the ass obviously did not want to just give away its valuable artifact.

Finally the cork came out, Earl took it and carefully wrapped it in a paper handkerchief, put it in Olya’s purse.
Then he lowered his pants and tried to attach his baby to Olya’s ass.
The result did not exceed expectations.
Soft and malleable member as if flattened by a tight hole and could not go further.
– Sorry, Olya.
It seems to be failing.
he began carefully.
Olenka let out a sigh of disappointment and began to rise, but then the Earl remarked: “We just need to revive my pussy.”
You know, in boys, pisses sometimes looks up and gets bigger and stronger.
– Like this? – asked Olya.
– Very simple.
I noticed that pisya gets up when I see the open skin of girls, or I caress her myself.

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Olenka, and try to caress my pussy tongue.
– Ugh.
Well, you write from it.
– Well as you know.
I thought you would be interested.
– Come on! Olya was already unstoppable.
It was evident that she already considered herself completely lost and was not afraid of anything.
The count approached her from the front, discarding his trousers on the way, Olya took his penis with her hand and gently exposed her head.
It immediately became noticeable that blood was coming to his penis.
Without thinking, she took it in her mouth and began to actively lick.
From such treatment member at the time came to life, grew up and stood like an Egyptian obelisk.
Earl bypassed Olya, and without hesitation for a second, he put a member greased with saliva to his butt and pressed.
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