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When Natalya Alexandrovna saw a guy with a slightly impudent gaze, at first she was a little confused, a shadow of a smile ran over her face and immediately disappeared, Natalya became genuinely serious and said So, Roman, I look at both computer science and other subjects for very different assessments, or two or five, tell me how it turns out that you and Losers and excellent students at the same time? The guy smiled and said: when I have no mood, I do not study.
The whole class rolled with laughter, everyone knew that he never learns and does not do anything, he just “leaves” on his ability to convince and natural intelligence.
Sometimes it happened that the teacher put him three, he went to the blackboard and argued his opinion and he did it so convincingly that the teachers simply had no choice, they made good marks.
Nobody treated him mediocre, they either loved him or hated him, because he had a very sharp mind and a no less sharp tongue, but at the same time there were times when he didn’t care about everything, he closed in on himself, as if he were hibernating and Now was the day when he did not want to discuss anything.

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So, tell me a novel about yourself, what are you fond of? I am fond of long uncovered feet of new computer science teachers, the guy answered.
He was annoyed by this; he did not like to look at such outfits; severely short skirts seemed vulgar to him; when he saw a girl in revealing clothes, he immediately lost interest in her, they all seemed to him to be prostitutes.
The teacher hesitated, it was clear that she was intensely looking for a decent answer.
The guy decided to take advantage of her pause and added: Since you dress up whores! The teacher could not stand it and quickly walked out of the class, covering her legs with a bag, those who sat at the first desk said that she even began to cry.
The whole class began to scold me and find fault with me, that it is wrong and now I will get into big trouble with the management.
Everyone sat and waited for her to come with the head of the department and complain, but this did not happen, after 5 minutes she returned as if nothing had happened.
Everyone was waiting for her to start a conversation, but she was silent, Natalia just sat and silently watched the magazine pretending to read.
When the bell rang, she said: So children! The lesson is over for the next lesson to learn the 15th paragraph, and you stay the novel.
I slowly folded my backpack and slowly hobbled to the teacher when the last person came out, she said: If you want to have a grade higher than two for a year, I strongly advise you not to insult me.
Yes, I really went too

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far, I thought.
Well, this will not happen again.
I also would like you to ask me for forgiveness. Https fr chaturbate com female cams.

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