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The inflamed hole gradually began to send its voluptuous impulses throughout the body.
From this her pussy was filled with moisture, giving the woman’s crotch a unique aroma.
Lera gently spread her legs even wider, exposing up her worn-out ass, wanting to bring her new sensations.
And Alexander realized that it was time to move on to more decisive actions.
After making a few more movements between the buttocks, maximally saturating the crotch with life-giving moisture, he smoothly ran his finger along the labia, capturing a portion of natural lubricant.
His palm went up and turned 90 degrees.
Fingers have rested against a hot hole, and methodically began to knead its flesh.
And now the average friend restlessly frolics at its base.
The little ring squeezed with fear, but then relaxed, letting his rascal into the depth of the hole.
Gently and leisurely experienced master began to immerse him inside a relaxed ass.
At first, Lera accepted this hard object with a little anxiety, but the first, incomprehensible sensations were quickly replaced by a stream of incredible bliss.
The anus eagerly accepted the finger of a man, transmitting a powerful wave of enjoyment to the consciousness of a bewitched woman.
Lera moaned slightly, and zaelosila pelvis, to the beat of a finger, which is already intensively increasing speed.
The hand poked restlessly in the buttocks, forcing the female ass to wriggle from the received, unearthly caresses.
Simultaneous circular motions expanded the anus, and it was already ready to absorb a thicker object.
It was time to increase the pressure in the sphincter, but the massage therapist stopped short, pushing his finger all the way, scratched it from the inside and went outside.

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Alexander took the cup and lightly dipped his fingers.
Continuing to smooth the buttocks with one hand, with the palm of the other, he began to move smoothly along the swollen foil cap.
The movements were gentle and neat, fingers sliding smoothly over the relaxed lips, clasping their soft flesh.
An experienced master continued to massage the female pussy, while his thumb was rubbing along the open anus.
Having done so many times, a professional in his field felt permission for further actions.
With his index and ring fingers, he pulled aside ripe sponges, and with his middle finger began to make light movements around the pink hole.
Spreading the elastic rollers with two fingers even wider, his middle finger gently began to penetrate into the emaciated flesh of her pussy.
Gently gliding along the vagina, he seemed to be moving without touching its walls, and after a few penetrations another joined him.
Her hot flesh blurred with each immersion, and now the place was found for their third friend.
The company of the fingers evenly descended into the loose vulva, while the little finger gently rubbed against the clitoris, and the remaining big palia rested against the tight little ring, penetrating slightly.
Having played enough with one hand, he resorted to using the other.
Then the oil fingers began to fall one by one into the wet hole, as before, first one, then two, and finally, three fingers along the ankle, began to fade evenly in the pink kingdom.
Lera began to swing a wave, frankly responding to erotic caresses.
Her breathing became deep and quickened, her chest tightened, lifting her back.
Squeezing and unclasping the crotch, she moaned slightly, stretching her legs.
Alexander began to increase the pace and depth of immersion.
The jolts became sharper and wider.
Lera began to openly move towards them, not hiding her moans.
Then the massage therapist further inflated speed.
Lera grabbed the edge of the couch with her hands, sharply raising her back up and down.
Ass jumped so that her buttocks were trembling.
Breathing quickened, and mixed with sweet moans.
The pinnacle of her enjoyment was the inclusion of brackets in the process of arousal. Chaturbate cam gay.

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