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Her eye was much already pisechki.
And the sensations of penetration were completely new.
Besides, I felt with my dick how something was twitching inside her.
Of course, this was Colin’s member, who in turn began to do his ebic work.
Together to fuck the teacher was fervent and fun.

In the beginning, while her anus was not too stretched out, it was harder for me to move into her than for Kolya.
Or maybe it was just easier for him.
Anyway, to my one ebok, Kohl answered with his two.
Then, when the anus stretched out, or maybe it became more comfortable for me, I reached the rhythm of a friend.
Now we were simultaneously driving our members to the teacher.
Tatyana Viktorovna, shaking from each of our double ebka, moaning sweetly.
A few minutes later, Kolya and I decided to switch places.
Now I was lying on my back, the teacher was on me, and Kolya was somewhere there.
From the teacher came a stimulating scent – whether from her chest, or hot breath.
Apparently she was pleased and well from our actions joint action.

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At some point, she stopped controlling herself.
The teacher clung to me with her soft and warm bust.
Long groaning, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and pressed her face to me, shook her whole body.
Entangled in her hair, and not understanding what was happening, I continued my movements.
It was only when the teacher lay back that I realized that at some point Kolya had finished too.
Now he was already lying on the bed, lighting a cigarette.
Tatyana Viktorovna remained on me, moving towards my member.
I also wanted to finish her ass.
So I got up, turned the teacher around and put her on me with cancer.
Immediately, smoothly entered ,.
in her, slightly open, back door.
Slowly, but surely, I brought myself to orgasm, and with incredible pleasure finished it in the ass.
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