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And our half-child-semi-mature military “service” began to flow.
In the morning – exercise, breakfast, then work in the field, and in the evening war games, drill, sporting events, shower and sleep.
Summer heat drove crazy, the only salvation from it was swimming in a local lake.
Days flowed sluggishly and uniformly.
Every day, each “fighter” was assigned the task of weeding and clearing two long rows of weeds.
These rows were long, 200, 300 meters each, and under the scorching sun it took 4, 4.5 hours to work them out.
It was pure punishment, and only schoolchildren could be forced to work on “bare” enthusiasm, “volunteer work”, that is, for free.
Once, finishing the last row, I saw Lesha next to me, who with frenzy tore and threw down the weary grass, wishing to finish the daily norm as soon as possible.
We began to complain about a difficult share.
Having finished weeding, both fell down to the ground, without feeling back.
The body ached from fatigue, the legs and arms were cotton.
We lay happy with the realization that we had completed the hated work earlier than others and we have 30-40 minutes of complete freedom.
It so

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happened that we were 200-250 meters ahead of everyone else.
Catching their breath and recovering a little, they began to chat, vividly commenting on what was happening.
“Now I’d like to drink some water and take a dip in the lake, otherwise I’m not strong enough,” I said.
After these words, Alex handed me his oval flask of water.
– On, drink.
Taking a few sips, I returned the flask and thanked a friend.
– Listen, all of us are still picking, and we are already resting.
Just a class! Now there would be a sofa here together with Zhanna, she would have rubbed her back, and she would have taken it in her mouth, ”Lech said.
I rolled with laughter.
We nervously laughed, holding on to our stomachs, laughed and could not calm down for a long time.

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Physical fatigue through laughter gradually disappeared.
The fact is that Zhanna is our classmate, an unusually unsympathetic girl, a student with whom no one wanted to sit at the same desk because of her nasty, unbalanced nature.
She was never talked about seriously and always used her name for the most ridiculous and piquant situations.
It was normal, because there are pets and outcasts in any class.
– Zhanna is in town now.
I would not refuse a massage either.
Listen, let’s remember each other’s backs, this is a worldly thing, ”I said.
– Lets do it.
With these words, I threw off my jacket and laid it on the ground.
Alex was the first to lie on her, took off his shirt and put my back to me.
I began to massage his shoulders and lower back with the benefit of such an experience I already had.
The first seconds Leshka moaned, snuffled and groaned like an old grandfather.
But gradually the pain went away, my back came to life, was poured by force, my hands deftly flexed my muscles.
After rubbing followed by acupressure.
Then they changed places.
Fifteen minutes later our backs were already in perfect order, the mood was excellent.
Alex got up, stretched, and suddenly I noticed that his pants were sticking out.
Against the backdrop of a lean, lanky body, it looked a little ridiculous.
Lesch did not notice what was happening.
Apparently spilled over the body languor did its job, and his penis reacted to stimulation of the back.
“What have you got?”
Do you have something? – I asked.
– As you can see, he honestly confessed, it is worth it, apparently it was in vain that we started a massage.
– Why is it in vain, isn’t it easier to have a back? – Well, why, very much so.
“And I felt better too,” I said.
– And does he often react to your massage? – Yes, nobody did it to me.
– Yes, well, that can not be.
Do you think your back never went numb? – Yes, how many times it went numb, but it did not reach the massage.
“Now there would be Jeanne here, bend with the crustacean and grind,” added Lech.
“Well, go and call her, maybe he will come,” I said reluctantly.
– Want to see it? – View.
Well, show me if you want? – Yes, I do not mind, look at.
Just sit down, do not shine above the bushes.
With these words, Lesha looked around and, making sure that no one sees him except for me, he pulled off his pants, and then the pants.
Elastic member jumped free and rocked.
It was a cropped, straight lengthwise member with a small head.
He made a good impression on me.
the testicles were pressed to the penis, and the hair around the pubis was neatly trimmed.
– Beautiful you, Lech.
How much is in it? – Sixteen and a half.
– Can I touch him? – Touch it. Milf squirting on webcam.

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Sex pistols manga online.
“We have to go in order not to be late for school,” she said softly.
“Today we will not go to school, but we will fuck all day,” Jim said.
A smile slipped over Fran’s lips.
“I will do as you say.”
To be continued.
Happier than I was now no one.
We just had a great time with the whole family on the beach.
These were the moments when you understand what it is worth living for.
A friendly family, a new bigger house and a recent promotion raised my spirits and made life beautiful and amazing.
There is nothing better than to feel like a winner when there are only great prospects ahead.
Yeah-hh! Life was good! Going back to the car, my youngest daughter saw an ice cream shop.
She looked at me with her big blue eyes and imploringly hung on my neck: – Dad, let’s buy ice cream? It’s so hot and so stuffy.
It would be nice.
I raised my hand and stopped her in half a word.
Daisy has always been hard to refuse.
Of course, at the age of 12 she could not be called an adult, and despite the hips and breasts that had already begun to develop, she was still a teenager.
Cheerful and naughty teenager.
And her already started to take shape in a real woman, a tanned figure, only emphasized the innocence and purity of the child.
I was pleased and, even, exciting, to feel this strong young body on me, and I smiled widely at her and said, pressing her hand to her shoulders: – Of course, dear.
Why not? We have long been all together did not eat ice cream.

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I looked at my wife, seeking approval.
Her eyes sparkled, and she nodded.
We understood each other without words, as only a husband and wife who have lived together for a long time can understand.
After 16 years of marriage, my Gloria was still amazingly beautiful.
Stunning figure with long slim legs and a thin waist and long curly hair of dark brown color.
she still made my heart beat more often when looking at her.
It was absolutely clear to whom our two beautiful daughters went.
Beautiful Daisy inherited her gorgeous hair from her mother, and my eldest had blond curly and long hair that was light and airy like silk threads.
I looked at Christie.
She was a typical 16 year old.
Somewhat sullen and immersed in all.
She stood next to me, arms crossed over her chest and looking to the side.
Her whole appearance said that all these family excursions were uninteresting to her.
Like most of her peers, she wanted to hang out in a shopping mall with her friends.
She spent most of her time on the beach, trying to get, as she puts it, a “deadly” tan.
On the beach, lying on a towel in a bikini and sunglasses, she always attracted attention.
And not only her peers, but also much more adult people.
I must admit that her bold breasts of the second size, long slender legs and slender waist made an indelible impression on men.
But, despite all this, I, as her father, saw in her only my beloved daughter.
– Honey, let’s go? That’s not fatal.
Only one serving of ice cream.
You will like it – I smiled crookedly Christie.
Without a word, she defiantly walked past me and disappeared into the store.
Daisy grabbed my hand and pulled me into the store.
My wife was walking behind.
I swear I heard her laugh.
Not wanting to pay for parking, I left the car a little further down the road.
As it turned out later – much further than we would like: the windows and doors of the store were tinted and there was absolutely no outside to see what was inside.

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When we entered, in a small zalchik was cool and dark.
There were almost no people.
Mother and daughter, but the fat gentleman sat at the table. Sex pistols manga online.

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South indian models nude.
Deeply thrusting his fingers inside her, he spreads wide the vestibule of the vagina and briefly admires the opened pink entrance.
Pushes balls inside and massages the pubis.
The fire gradually lights up inside, it speeds up the frictions to get rid of the painful vibrations, but only enhances them.
She stops, but he strikes the crotch, causing her to suffer.
She continues the frictions, he removes her hand from the pubis, she tries to be careful not to disturb the objects hostile in her now.

After waiting until the wave of orgasm, he pulls the hand with a vibrator to her vagina and shallow introduces it.
Adjusting to her moving on it, he makes circular movements with a vibrator in unison, only sometimes slightly pushing into it, forcing the hated balls to deeply stimulate the vaginal walls and uterus.
She pleads for pity for her, she is exhausted, he reasonably notes that, unlike her, he has not yet been discharged.
A quietly buzzing device leaves the hospitable opening, giving it a short respite, and rests against the clitoris.

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He simply holds the device on the bulge, and she, tormented by the frenzy that exhausts her, screams and fights with one hand.
Without letting her fall and release a member of the ass, he squeezes her hand and helps her to complete the final frictions.
The implacable electrical device revolves around the clitoris, smiling slyly, the lover accidentally “misses”, and the device again torments her by pressing on the swollen islet.
Having collected the last strength, a tired girl pinches the man’s testicles with her fingers and sorts them.
She gropes and pushes the lover’s crotch point, and he groans and shakes, dropping the instrument of torture.
Along with him, she groans, having felt the last orgasm.
The balls are taken out, the instruments are discarded, the lovers are asleep.
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She said that she wanted to check the reaction of the pizza delivery man, and then she would act on sensations.
The pizza was delivered by a 17-year-old boy, whose jaw dropped when he saw Sonya’s bare chest between the floors of her robe.
At that time, as now, she already had a breast of the 3rd size and a weight of about 60 kg.
His name was Bogdan, he was slim and looked very young.
And as he later demonstrated, he was well equipped in terms of men’s virtues.
She asked him to go inside so that she could pay him back, but, pulling him money, she dropped them on the floor.
And when she squatted down in front of him to raise them, her robe spread even more, opening one breast completely, and giving him the opportunity to see her trimmed pubic hair.
Taking the money, she looked up at him and smiled, letting him know that she knew that she had exposed herself to him for the show.
Having risen, she left the floors of her robe wide open and stood with her hands on her hips, giving him the opportunity to look at what she wanted from the first adult naked woman in his life.
She took the pizza from his hands and, putting it aside, put the money in his hand with one hand, and the second – grabbed him by the crotch.
Massaging him to the groin area, she explained to him that with her help he would be able to feel everything he wanted.
At one point, the money was tucked into his pocket, and his hands were already wandering around her boobs and pussy.
While he felt and stroked her flesh, she unbuttoned his pants and seized his young member.
Explaining to him that he was waiting for a good tip, and that she also wanted “for tea” from him, she knelt in front of him.
His cock was as hard as possible and stuck in the direction of the ceiling when she began to kiss the head of his dick, then cover the whole trunk with quick kisses and then the eggs.
Then she moved from the universal kisses to the greedy licking of his entire crotch.

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After several minutes of such worship to his member, she first asked for his consent, and then took his member deep into her mouth.
She sucked this guy’s flesh, shaking her head up and down on his penis, and quite a bit of time passed, and he shivered, grabbed her hair and, planting it in her mouth as deeply as he could, began to pour sperm on her sucking mouth and on, swallowing throat.
She continued to caress his dick until he pulled his limp flesh out of her mouth.
She was kneeling in front of him for a few more minutes, her face and hair pressed to his groin.
At the same time, she intensively rubbed her gap, trying to reach orgasm.
During all this time, my robe

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was thrown open, and I jerked off my naked member.
While Sonya was swallowing Bogdan’s sperm, when he saw me for the first time heading towards them with a protruding member, he was at first frightened, but Sonya’s admiration for his member and my confident appearance helped him to relax.
When she caressed herself with fingers, moving to her first orgasm, I was already standing next to them, stroking her hair while she continued to serve him.
After she sat for a few minutes, pressed against him, I lowered my hand, took her hair, turned her head to face me and shot a charge of my sperm in her open mouth and on her face.
Cum hit her tongue, mouth, face.
there was no place wherever I went.
Bogdan, a witness of her humiliation, stood rooted to the spot, beside him, in utter amazement.
Later, he noted that, besides the fact that he was a virgin, he could not even imagine that such a beautiful woman would allow herself to be used in such a humiliating manner.
He needed to complete the route, and he asked if he could come in later.
We asked when the next time he would be free, and he recalled that he was free the next day after dinner.
We told him that he could change his mind if he wanted, and followed his gaze as he walked out the door.
So the Dream proved to me that the stories she told me were true.
The fact that she sucked an unfamiliar boy, and then, sticking her tongue out and opening her mouth wide, gave me a cum all over her face and mouth, while the teenager looked at it, showed me that she can allow such wild tricks as will want to.
The next day, Bogdan came to dinner.
When I allowed him to enter, I saw a mound in front of his shorts from the anticipation of what might have happened to him.
We went to the terrace where Sonia was making sandwiches.
We both stopped in our tracks when we saw what she was wearing on an open street terrace in broad daylight.
When I left her to let Bogdan in, she was wearing a separate swimsuit, but now she was wearing only the top of it. Mature masturbate on webcam.

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