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Anton opened the hood and, without looking at me, began to unscrew something there.
His dad got up close and they began to have a lively discussion.
My position was not enviable.
On the one hand, the guy considers me easily accessible.
The one with whom you can do what you want.
And I need to show firmness, to convince him otherwise, and on the other, how to do it? You need to get up and show your character, proudly leave.
Proud to go naked after pleasing him orally.
I looked at the turnbuckle and the condom shiny from my juices, put on him.
I do not fit something with me.
And the floor has already been done.
Remained a little.
Five minutes of shame and all.
And he is not a stranger to him.
He loves him, so he shares everything.
And I will make an elderly person nice.
Probably not every day he gets young, like me blowjobs do.
“I agree,” my words sounded unexpectedly loud.
– What? – Men said this word almost simultaneously.
“I agree to give blow to your father,” I said, bearing in mind the previous humiliating interrogation.
Anton’s dad came up and squeezed my chest with force, leaving black oil marks on it on it.
“Good,” he said with a tongue, he said, and loudly slapped my ass.
I walked up to the trunk of the car and took up my previous position.
The handle of the tow bar again easily entered my hot vagina.
I looked at the man inquiringly.
– Liked! – Anton laughed.
– I, uncle Vasya.
Come on, – Anton’s dad firmly took my hand and dragged me into the street.
He moved quite quickly and I, stumbling with my bare feet, did not have time for him.
When we came to the log, and uncle Vasya flopped and pulled off his pants, I looked at his personal belongings.

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– Dirty – I thought, seeing the adherent hair and pellets of fabric, and when I sat down on his knees near him, I almost vomited from the smell.
From the man smelled like a garbage can.
Urine, then the devil knows what.
Once again I did not dare to refuse.
And the man, anticipating pleasure, literally glowed with happiness.
Rescued me old wisdom.
As a child I went to camp every summer, and there was a fish day on Thursdays.
For breakfast, fish, for lunch, and for dinner, too, fish.
I can’t stand the smell of fish.
And I want to eat.
So one of the girls, seeing that I was starving, taught me a simple method.
The rule of three “H”.
Do not look, do not smell, do not think.
I closed my eyes, and, trying not to breathe, with a hungry frenzy began to do blowjob.
I imagined that this is a member of Anton.
Clean and tasty.
– See how sucks? – said Anton who came up – A broke how.
He brought a beer, and they lit a cigarette.
– Everything, thirty three pleasures, – I thought.
The men sat on a log, without haste, sipped a foamy drink, and I perched on the muddy ground between my legs, mouthing the male genitals.
Fifty meters from us were worn cars.
The roar of their engines was well heard and even visible silhouettes in the gaps between the foliage.

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Now, if someone calls in, – I thought, – I don’t even have time to hide.
The log became visible as soon as you left the track.
Men started talking about the upcoming football match, arguing who would win, as if I did not exist.
If they behave this way, it means that this has happened before.
Although what am I talking about? Anton is older than me and he, of course, had women.
I felt a stab of jealousy.
He did not even try me.
I am certainly better.
And interestingly, he had previously shared all his girls with his father? And if we get married, what will he do? Will it continue to divide me? Here the course of my thoughts has changed.
I began to reproach myself how can I fall so low.
Nothing can justify my behavior.
Sitting on the street, naked, in front of two men and to appease them.
And I really wanted to, that Anton would take me.
Took immediately, without any foreplay.
“Wait a bit,” Uncle Vasya suddenly said and pulled his penis out of his mouth, “I’ll go and pour.”
He got up and went to the bushes, and Anton slapped me on the cheek, and then he put his fingers in my mouth, imitating a member. Hidden cam lesbian porno.

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Kelly could not stand it for a long time and she finished with a squalling moan (after all, there was a member in her mouth).
When the spasms of a violent orgasm, she slept with a vengeance, she began to suck and lick a member of the captain.
Her blonde head literally flew over his cock.
After a couple of moments Shepard plentifully finished.
Kelly tried to swallow plentiful streams of semen, jerking out of the penis, but could not, and the commander’s seed flooded Kelly’s entire chin and began to drain on his chest.
They were not going to stop there.
Kelly turned to face Shepard, not even bothering to wipe the sperm from her face, she only rubbed her slightly on the chest and stomach.
Shepard, deciding to take the initiative, crushed Kelly under him and held up his cock, which was still a stake, to her reddened vagina.
Then he abruptly introduced him to Kelly and began to steadily carry out in her narrow cave.
For a long time she couldn’t stand it and with moans (not losing to Miranda in loudness), she began to force the captain’s hips with her hands

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She wrapped her legs around him and began to crumple uncontrollably and rub her nipples.
After another couple of moments, she finished a second time.
Shepard, too, feeling the imminent approach of an orgasm, took out a member from Kelly and brought it to her breast.
With a hoarse moan, he finished on her chest, flooding her whole chest and belly with her discharge.
The girl immediately began smearing her hands (which were still wearing silk gloves, although after such an abundance of sperm spilled on them, they softened and darkened) the sperm from themselves and greedily bring it to the mouth to lick half of the sperm, and smear the second half over the face .

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As a couple of days ago, Shepard, exhausted, fell on the bed next to the stunning, finished girl and fell asleep.
The captain’s love games, as usually heard by half the crew on the ship, and especially Mordin Solus, were a Salarian scholar who stood outside the door.
He shook his head contritely and said: Damn! And all because of bad experience.
what have I done.
Inna Andreevna.
She married while still a student.
She and her husband were considered the most beautiful couple of the whole institute.
Bore a child, fed him.
By this time, her husband had grown fat and lazy.
In addition, he had not been too energetic and businesslike before, and now he has become a mattress, almost ruining the advertising firm that the newlyweds received as a wedding gift from his parents.
Then Inna Andreevna decided to take matters into her own hands.
She showed herself to be a tough uncompromising boss who was a little afraid of not only the employees, but also the majority of customers.
The company earned like a clock.
Even before restoring order in the family business, Inna made her breasts, adjusted her nose shape.
She and so was very beautiful – the correct shape of the face.
black eyebrows with a kink, plump lips, maybe slightly tightly pursed.
cool blue eyes framed by long eyelashes.
luxurious thick hair, perfectly dyed in ashy shade of blondy.
perfect shaped long legs.
feminine hips.
taut ass.
And now a rounded chest, high and resilient, and a pointed nose of the correct form.
She dressed strictly in a business style, but did not forget to emphasize the dignity of appearance.
This was not done to attract men’s views, just Inna Andreevna loved when everything was perfect, including her.
However, deep cleavage, tight skirts, stiletto heels, stocking edge, which appeared from under the hemline – all this distracted men in business negotiations.
A trifle, but sometimes it was he who was decisive for achieving more favorable conditions in the contract.
Sex was all right.
In the sense that the stormy romance at first turned into quiet family everyday life, and intimacy turned into just the satisfaction of not too hot needs. Porn webcam submissive.

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Will Will- she started the rotational movements with her finger and the pressure increased and I instinctively got up, Miss Bolivar with her other hand took me by the thigh and sat me back, without stopping to move my finger again, I got up and again she pulled me back with a strong hand and it turned out that I got up she sat down all the accelerating pace.
-Oh, almost got up, mother whispered hoarsely.
– Wait, now the seed will come out – she pulled out a finger, and dipped two fingers into the ointment and asked for it in a tender, well-groomed voice – Willi sit down – I again sat on Miss Bolivar’s fingers, having already understood what was required

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of me, I clutched at my chair and began to squat on her fingers, she patted me on the bottom encouraging, the sensations did not hurt, and even the pressure in the bottom was pleasantly created the impression that I wanted to crap.
I looked at my pisyun, he was standing upside down just like when the groom came to see my mother while I was staring through the hole.
-It is necessary to help; Mother stretched out her hand to pisyunu.
– Don’t touch, you fool – screamed at Miss Bolivar’s mother – then there will be a sense of sense – and already appealing to me tenderly whispered, I see you ass smart, do not hurry to crouch until the end.
“Oh,” my mother whispered, and now what.
– Yes, it is necessary to treat, but there is no medicine here like this, but preferably every day, they are like your Willie at first, when a woman’s apprentice starts waving like assholes like port whores and then nothing if treated constantly.

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“And because of what all this is,” my mother asked in frustration.
-You’re a fool Marta, because of what because of what, don’t you see that he loves to fuck like a woman, see how he jumps, I already suspect if anyone fucked him, I realized everything very quickly.
“Yes, I see,” repeated my mother sadly, and suddenly she covered her mouth with her hand, “yes, he is quite small, you are Miss Bolivar.”
– Here you are and what, I need to treat, and I still need mold.
Miss Bolivar dragged out her glass without taking out her fingers, and as soon as she put it on the floor I suddenly stopped measuring my muscles as Miss Bolivar twisted, looking at my eyes greedily in sweat droplets trembling on her antennae, I jerked and a thick white-like snot came out of the pisyun .
– Here’s Martha’s proof for you – Miss Bolivar uttered triumphantly – and cums like a woman’s asshole, and let him immediately wash away her ass with a clean mouth.
-Villy go, wash your ass out in the trough, the water remained.
-Sad Marta, I can offer you to take him to cure him-with the word heal, Miss Bolivar rolled her eyes and rubbed the bottom of the big belly, they also drank a genie and I washed my ass and got dressed, feeling an unusual weakness.
-And what did you treat such.
-Of course, she released three and even immediately attached to the gentlemen with great bedding and with money and was fed and clothed, although it’s not a quick year to heal it is necessary or even more but it is necessary to heal.
Yes, come on, expensive.
-With you, not a penny, gentlemen, they also pay me a bill, and they say thanks.
Yes, where will I give it to you then that, and most can be treated.
-There’s need to know – it is important to put out the fingers of Miss Bolivar – everything is not so simple, but if you doubt I will leave the ointment to you, do it every day until the seed comes out, and what does not work then bring it, and I went late already. Dildo gag webcam.

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The orgasm was coming.
“I’m coming,” shouted loudly, I tried to warn her.
– I, too, eee! – Elena woke up and began to convulse.
In the meantime, I filled her blissful ass with sperm, vomiting portions of her in a member.
The warm and viscous liquid that filled the woman’s ass increased her orgasm several times, making her whine loudly.
She, twitching, fell on me and, I strongly pressed her to me and covering her face with kisses, enjoyed the way she finished.
I was happy that I delivered such pleasure to my boss.
“You are lovely,” burst out with a sigh from Elena’s mouth.
And after a while: “Prepare yourself more seriously tomorrow.”
Rest as it should.
Soviet anecdote: “The English delegate is speaking at an international trade union conference: – In our country, a sexual five-minute session has been introduced in production.”
The Frenchman speaks: – Our people are hotter, we have achieved the right to a sexual ten-minute! Ovation.
Speaker Soviet delegate: – We do not have anything like that.
– How do you work? ! “In our country, there are two-month refresher courses!” Ten years ago, I worked as an ordinary technologist in a very large company with branches in many cities.
An ambitious oligarch came to the leadership in some unknown way and began ruthlessly rejuvenating the staff.
I was sent to Moscow to improve my qualifications.
The system of study was sweaty, from nine in the morning to nine in the evening there were lectures, seminars, business games, tests of a thousand questions.
Well at least there was no homework.
I knew all this, but was delighted.
My salary and status after my three-month courses increased greatly.
In Moscow, I was settled in an ordinary three-room apartment.

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When I settled down a bit, neighbors came.
I went to the hallway to get acquainted and take off the coat.
These were pretty thirty-year-old business women.
Beauty contest they would not have won, but charm was definitely there.
Both were very tall, under the meter eighty, not skinny and not fat.
One was light, the second slightly redhead.
The blond woman looked at me and said: – Hello, Seryozha, have not seen each other for a long time.
Get acquainted, it’s Zhenya.
Then I recognized her.
In our student days, we were in one get-together for about two years.
I began to remember her name, yet I managed to pass ten years.
Fortunately, Zhenya prompted: – I am very glad that Lucy met her first love.
With a short glance I managed to appreciate Zhenya the figure, but I was struck by her voice, unusually charming and fascinating.
I was completely stunned by the beautiful neighbors and offered to immediately go to dinner.
“This is what I don’t want now, to put on this evening dress,” answered Lucy, “let’s order here.”
Restaurant in the next house.
You will not be shocked by the ladies in home clothes? Lucy and I sat down on the couch with glasses of wine and remembered student friends.
– Do you have any idea how this evening will end? – asked Lucy, – you won’t run away from me anywhere.
Zhenya and I arrived yesterday, and I begged the administration to settle us together.
“I’m not going to run away,” I wondered.
In ancient times, I liked Lucy, I just was very passionate about another girl.
“You can touch me, compared to what I intend to allow you today, it will look completely innocent,” Lucy began the process of seduction.
When Eugene appeared in the shower in a home outfit, my hands caressed the luxurious breasts of Lusina, and I wondered if Zhenya would remain pretty without makeup.
Zhenya wore a T-shirt, fitting a little plump figure, and black little pants up to her knees, fitting an incredibly sexy ass.
“Isn’t she cute?” – Lucy pushed me, – Zhenya will explain the rest of the details to you.
Zhenya changed Lucy on the couch.
She washed the makeup, but became even more charming.
Blond eyelashes quite fit gray eyes.
Big plump lips and lipstick looked great.
Excited nipples shone through the shirt.

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She gently stroked my sticking trousers, clung to me and said: – You will not be left alone today, Lucy will certainly seduce you.
– And you will not seduce me? – I was upset.
– Of course, seduce.
But only after Lucy.
In the meantime, you can hug me! – Can I touch you? – If it is gentle, then you can! Arab sex movies online.

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