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And we write, and cocoa.
A cold napkin touched my scrotum, making me shiver.
“Can you sit with him tomorrow morning?” – asked Jenny my young nanny.
“I can’t in the morning,” Sue smiled apologetically, “I have things to do before lunch.”
“I, too,” Jenny sighed. “Well, nothing, I have already agreed with one friend who works in a manger.
I’ll take Tommy there tomorrow.
– Eight? – laughed Sue, – In the manger? “I can imagine how it will look with the babies there,” Vicky giggled.
– Why? – Jenny grinned, – I explained the problem to the head of Tommin and she assured me that age does not matter at all.
Babysitters will change his diapers – just like the rest of the babies.
I looked at my aunt in amazement. Sex video in hidden camera.

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They opened a new can of beer and continued the game, who won can not remember.
But the picture was this: the stars were bright, almost full moon and the girls lying on the cloak licked each other’s temples 69.
Seregoy and I joined each other.
Then Seryoga asked me if my wife does not give in the ass.
I said that sometimes I like these holidays.
But then Lena interrupted and said that she would not give.
So we listened to her.
They took another position: Serega was downstairs, Lena sat down on his member, Sophie and my cock faced her girls in the mouth in turns.
True! Sophie sucked perfectly! But my wife is not worse.
Between that, I listened to how my wife eagerly moaned and squished her wet pussy.
I could not stand it and came up behind her and began to insert a finger in the ass, but she began to moan even harder.

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After a while I put her cock in the anus, making about a dozen frictions, Lena began to finish.
and I finished her ass.
She got off Seregi, Sophia quickly sat on him, my wife parted her ass and began to lick the anus.
Then I entered the prepared ass Sophie and she immediately finished.
All lit up.
From the pussies and ass girls flowed with me and Sergei sperm.
Lena got cancer, while continuing to smoke, and Sophie stroked her ass with her tongue, showing it all to us.
Then a fisherman came out of the darkness, pretending to be passing by, went to the fire to light it.
The story is based on real events with some fictional elements.
From the diaries and interviews of the main character: Good morning, dear diary! For a long time I didn’t write anything down to you, probably because there wasn’t anything after I came to visit a friend.

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My name is Stanislav.
oh god, we don’t even know each other.
heck! I do not know and do not understand myself.
Why I did it, why I did it and what I was thinking at that moment, but it seems to me that if I were not such a cruel pervert, she would be dead and never know what real life is.
Chapter 1 Today was the second of May.
Finally spring came, and the cold left us.
On this day, a young man, who recently turned 21, arrived in a small town.
Stanislav decided to visit the house of his grandmother, who died several years ago and bequeathed this house to him.
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Secret camera sex tape. And the sergeant, the boy nerobky, with a fixed glance at the boy, froze: he stood fearfully, like a naughty schoolboy: gray-eyed: my favorite: the door is closed: now I’ll go – and whatever happens !.
I will hug you: I will press: – standing from behind, Sanya thought, – I love you !! love !!! And – from the tenderness of hot heart jumped in my chest: I love you, my boy! What’s wrong with that? – and: he was afraid to move, so that Valery would not be frightened off, – even if he did not look back: What would I say to the kid if he sees my mind? After all, she will understand for sure that I, too: also a feeder: what I want him: – the hand slid down hurriedly, and, through the pants squeezing the stand, Sanya stopped: no, darling! I want you not as Ubyudov: I am not a fagot, I am a loving pederast: you are completely different, and I am ashamed to admit: now I’ll go up and what next ?.
I will turn you to myself: I will hug you, my boy: my gray-eyed: – Sanya looked at Valerka from behind: and he was ready to avert his eyes so that he would not face the kid, because: because: gray-eyed – he was different: he would not understand these feelings: he is not gay: not blue, and – decides in an instant that I want the same: no! Sanya was tormented by doubts, and he was not happy that the grandfather, that the sergeant and the castle platoon, all this only interfered with: Sanya smiled: here he is: we are together: and you are standing and afraid to move: what are you, Sanya, grandfather? Secret camera sex tape.

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And then, straightened member, Kate grabbed in her mouth.
Only for a

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second or two, Katya could not correctly put it into the frame.
But it was felt that she had both the will and the power to build this blowjob in the public garden “under the picture”.
That’s right for hidden cameras.
Almost the same thing is synchronous, but Aigulka has already done this with me.
Although the three of us were naturally naked.
Of course, how much now Aygulka suck my dick and Vitalka’s member, of course, so quickly now we will not let go.
Well, if only because we have yet to see how events will develop.
We now at the plasma enjoyed the way Catherine was sprinkled on her face, and on her hair, and on her breast.
And on the plasma, we already see how, in fact, several people are peeking at a point of view because of the bushes.
And O God! There in the bushes some woman also sucks one of the men.
And not alone.
She is the same as our Aigulka sucks one or another peasant.
Of course, our couple does not know about such living observers.
Apparently, the noise past the rushing cars drowns out the possible rustling from the trio that lurked in the bushes.
– Do you want to take your girlfriend to a restaurant like this with cum in her hair? The guy from this statement stopped wiping his dick on Katina’s lush hair.

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– Well, you do not worry.
The receptionist has already reported to me that you did not have money not only for a prostitute, but also for extending your hotel room.
So, I myself treat you to a restaurant.
Well and you be kind ebi me like a real whore.
After all, that’s exactly the way you talk about me at the reception? The guy is already speechless lost.
– Okay.
Silent means consent.
But you mean – I just provoke you.
Of course, they will not say anything similar about their administrator.
I at least hope that they did not let it slip to you, that I told them that you were me.
Well, this, you traveler liked.
– Did you like me too? In as in romance they again clined.
Good girl – this Kate.
Knows how to behave like a real romantic nature.
Katerina opened the raincoat one more time.
Again we rolled out curvy breasts.
We, the audience, to the joy.
And now on her breasts, on one of the nipples adorned thick sperm.
How romantically, with two hands, she raised her breast and licked this sperm.
While allowing his other breast with two hands to knead his boyfriend.
Katya’s breasts were standing.
And the nipples looked in different directions.
As the guy was actively crushing only one such big tit with both hands – it was possible to be jealous that I am not in his place now.
Aygulka in size of her boobs was still inferior to Kati’s big boobs.
And so she brought us to the senses:
– In! As jaws drooped.
On TV show any whores.
Well, I’m worse.
And we immediately with Vitalka also hushed her breasts.
I use both of her hands on one of her boobs, and Vitalka with two hands on her other boobs.
– Aygulka, and what channel are you showing us? “69 + ___ + ___”? – Well, most likely we will be shown later to the “subscribers”.
After all, the picture will fall, and our fucking Aigulka, and that is how our romantic couple is now embracing from the public garden. Webcam big tits red lips.

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