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Looking erotically, I suck on a finger, take it out, kiss on the lips.
How I thank you for this kiss! There

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is so much warmth, caress, trust! So much unspent love and tenderness! The loud voice of the bus driver announced my stop, interrupting such pleasant memories.
Oh! I’m wet again.
And even after many more years, I’m becoming that way, remembering that our first date is out of will.
It happened on my friend’s birthday.
A small company gathered: my friend Zheka with his young wife Ira and two more young couples Dima with Julia, Sasha with Masha and me and my wife Natasha.
Everyone drank well and by the middle of yesterday they were already pretty.
There were dances and cheerful conversations, but here I was pinned to the toilet.
I came out from behind the table and went into a push, I opened the door and saw that Julia was sitting there.
Her eyes were closed, her blouse was drawn, and she caressed her breasts.
At first I wanted to leave, but my instrument was already standing and I decided to act.
I went to Yulia and asked: “Do not help?”.
Yulia, in fright, opened her eyes and looked at me, and she continued to press her breasts.
It seems she did not understand what was happening before she was drunk.
I took her silence for consent.
Stepping into the toilet I closed the door behind me, Julia looked behind me, as if spellbound.
“Who are you?” she finally squeezed out.
“Dima!” – I ventured – “you, that did not recognize me?”.
“DIMA! Take me!” she almost screamed.
So good luck! I walked up to Julia and, in a businesslike manner, lifting her from a jolt began to wield between the legs.
Julia hung on me.
Then I turned her cancer, she put her hands on the sink.
Before me was a beautiful little hole of Julia.

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I unbuttoned my fly and pulled out my dick and promptly inserted it into Monda Julia, since the panties and mini-skirt were already deflated.
I began to fuck her, but at the same time I also crushed her breasts.
After a while she came, and behind her, and I.
A member, I wiped her skirt from the inside, took the panties as a memory, straightened her clothes and sent to the table.
After 1 minute, I came out too.
Entering the room, I saw a change.
Natasha slept drunk on the couch, and Masha’s husband, Alexander, went to work, what happened there.
Everyone danced except for Masha, I invited her then.
There was a slow dance and Masha clung to me with her whole body.
My hands from the waist quietly slid onto Masha’s ass, but she didn’t mind much.
At this time, Zheka brazenly pawed Irina’s ass under the dress.
When the dance was over I invited Masha to an empty room, since Zheka lived in a 4-room room and 3 more were free.
When we entered I didn’t even have time to do anything, as Masha deftly took off her super tight dress, took off her panties and started to unbutton my pants.
The sight of a naked woman turned me on and when my pants fell at my feet I threw Masha on the bed I leaned over from the top.
I began to kiss Maria’s breasts, gradually sinking, lower and lower.
Finally I got to the labia lips, kissed them, I sent my penis between them.
Masha gave a sigh of bliss.
I have tarabanil Masha until I finished right on her, and then exhausted lay down next to my friend’s wife.
After a couple of minutes, Masha began to cover my cock with kisses from which he stood up again, and she took it in her mouth.
Blowjob she did just awesome, so I soon finished and she swallowed all the sperm to the end.
After that we began to dress.
Masha was putting on her naked body everything in a sperm tight-fitting dress, like Julia, I took the panties as a souvenir.
We entered together, no one paid attention to.
Julia danced with Dima, and Zheka “unnoticed” stroked the inner part of Irina’s thigh.
From under the tight sweater breast excited Irina sticking out just obvarazhitelno.
When everyone except Natasha and Sani sat down at the table, the drink again flowed like a river, I drank less than others, I did not drink at all.
After the bottle started when I arrived with Masha, Zheka fell asleep right at the table.
We took him to the 1st room, where Irina was supposed to sleep, in the 2nd room we laid Dimka with Julia, in the 3rd Mashka, in the 4th with Natasha and me.
When everyone had settled down, Irina’s bedroom door boiled and the hostess slipped out of it in a thin, short robe. Xhamster live cam sex.

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