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Yes, you yourself have heard, I guess.
I have never seen someone else’s sex live from the outside.
Now I know how others do it.
And you.
She was going to say something else, or ask, but Liza interrupted her returning from water procedures.
The girl very emotionally drove on me, although not embittered, to my bewilderment: Kililenko! You bastard, and an asshole! I asked you not to cum in your mouth! What do you, men, for mania such? Be sure to feed this abomination, finally, you need.
What makes you think that it is tasty and absolutely not disgusting to us? Vick, tell him it’s a “whoo”! Vika answered this tirade calmly and impartially: This is a matter of taste.
I once rebelled too, but Sergey (her fiance), gradually taught him to do so.
Now even like it.
I do not like the taste, but the process itself.
When he ends up in my mouth, he just goes crazy with delight.
Moreover, each time, as the first.
And after that, I’m ready to wear me in my arms, and just glows with love.
It’s not a sin to overpower yourself.
In addition, if you swallow everything at once, it is not so dumb to taste.
Lizka pouted, not finding support from the girlfriend.
I sat down on an ottoman, seized the residual taste of sperm with chocolate and offendedly summed up: I don’t like this stuff anyway.
I was amused by this short dialogue, and Victoria’s recognition excited, despite

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the recent orgasm.
I did not feel a rush of blood to the genitals, but it was a matter of time, and soon.

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After all, the feast of debauchery was in full swing.
And the next was another languid girl, sex with which, promised to be even hotter than with the slightly conservative Elizabeth.
The end of the first part.
I appreciate every opinion, every one of you, and I will not leave a single letter without attention and response.
With respect to all of you, Alexander Kirilenko.
Richard Davis Bach 1 08:16 AM The cold handle of a massive door between two golden signs with the names of the faculties.
Light knock sharp studs on the marble stairs.
The border of white slabs and old parquet meets the twilight of corridors.
Now there is nothing more desirable and dear than the empty nooks of the biofac, loud staircases, deserted audiences.
Not a single living soul has yet disturbed undisturbed peace, and I can hear my footsteps bouncing off the walls.
Undoubtedly, the building is alive.
It breathes with me, reads my thoughts, feels my pain.
In the early morning, while there is no one, we feel as one, finding in each other salvation from cutting loneliness.
Just as a biofac is not alone, being filled every day with crowds of students and teachers, so I am overgrown with fleeting connections, superficial interests, casual acquaintances.
But I do not believe anyone except him, and the walls do not know how to lie.
Biofak gave me great happiness, bringing hope to disappointment.
Biofak gave the most pleasant moments of my life, mixing them with the strongest blows.
Biofack – the only witness of my madness.
Biofack – my fate.
08:30 AM Cracked windowsill on the second floor.
It is ambiguous, as everything that exists and that does not exist in our world.
Warm on the battery and burning cold from the window.
Next to him is an urn, which is always smoking from badly extinguished gobies, sifting sunlight through gray clubs.
How many things this window-sill could tell, doomed to give your lean ass a daily basis, but, I still haven’t completely lost my mind to talk with window-sills in all seriousness.
I enjoy peace and tranquility until the lights are lit, the glass doors of the classrooms are closed, and the crowds of students do not fill the space with boom. Webcams sex live.

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