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The room was almost dark.
I lit two candles on the table, and they barely lit her room.
We were lying under a blanket.
She clung to me with her warm body.
I told her some life story, and she, clinging to my chest, listened quietly.

That’s what I dreamed of.
When I finished the story, she suddenly said: – Antosh, and what, you and Kolya never reconciled, right? After having sex with her, I forgot everything, and my conscience was as calm as ever.
But reminding me of a friend, the teacher returned everything to her place.
However, I did not want to show my problems: – No, everything is fine.
Just did not agree today at the expense of you.
– Well, I see that something is wrong.
Tell me, and I will help as much as I can.
She so gently said all this that I believed her and wanted to talk about what worries me.
Well, he began to tell in general terms.
And as my story progressed, I felt her hand stroking my belly lower and lower.
She immediately caught the essence of the problem, and it seems that all this worried her too.

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Well, that’s understandable.
“I didn’t like this idea from the very beginning,” she whispered softly in my ear.
– And I, – I tried to find the right words, – well, I did not think that everything would turn out that way.
I thought, one, two.
and it see how it happened.
“And it always happens this way,” the teacher had already played with my dick with her hand, especially when it comes to us women.
“Well, this is already in the past and we need to think about what to do next,” I, in turn, found her breasts.
– You can not drive Kohl, because he is your friend? – kissing, Tatyana Viktorovna asked me.
“Yes, I can’t,” I replied, rolling over her.
– Then maybe he will leave? She asked, hospitably spreading her gorgeous legs.
– Where? – I replied, placing between them.
– To Irina Vladimirovna.
– To whom?
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