Webcam first squirt.

Webcam first squirt.
I opened my eyes a little and saw that they were at arm’s length from me.
The wife was rubbing her crotch with her hand while the second was stroking Sergei Valerievich’s chest hair.
He squeezed her breasts with his fingers while twisting her nipples.
His wife bit her lip, staring him straight in the face.
Then he suddenly raised his ass pulling his dick out of the vagina pulled up even above my wife’s legs.
Putting a member to her back hole, he instantly drove him inside.
She sobbed: “Don’t go there.”
I did not prepare.
– And I love the unprepared.
– He said and squeezed with force her nipples.
My wife groaned and I did not understand from pain or pleasure.
He continued to fuck her already in the ass, grabbing her legs. Webcam first squirt.

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