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They came to the store calmly, and everything was as usual in the store, there were no people, they did not look at us, we took a liter bottle of martini, orange juice and two chocolates.
When we entered the porch, Ira stopped me, put the bag on the floor and came up to me and began to take off my T-shirt, I was all trembling, letting the floor go until the door was quiet, but who would be out? Ira realized my embarrassment but persistently pulled off a T-shirt and busily put it in her bag “yes Dean, do not forget to take the bag.”
I was all shaking back a little to the bottom, took a bag of martini and juice and stepping carefully, as if afraid to scare someone went to the top.
Ira deliberately slowly inserted the key into the keyhole, opened the door for a long time, when I jumped home, I sank to the floor in the hallway, hugged my knees and came to my senses for about three minutes.
A martini with juice, a chocolate, both naked, told Ira that it was not fair, she passed a single flight naked, and I had two floors. Watch live sex online free.

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