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My face was at the level of her breast, and I kissed her nipple, gently pulling his lips.
Having played enough with him, I switched to the other side.
So I caressed one or the other nipple, sometimes helping myself with my hands, feeling their pleasant density.
Surprisingly, Olya was silent, her head thrown back.
I was going crazy.

My nostrils were tickled by a light, spicy scent of a girl’s body, and a slightly salty taste remained on my lips.
Having played enough with her breasts, I decided to continue.
Having risen, I freed Olya from the weight of my body and helped her to rise.
Having finally freed her from her robe, I turned Olya and, putting my hand between her shoulder blades, pressed hard.
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With Yulka, I was familiar recently, but somehow it was not possible to roll up to her on the subject to have sex, as it should, at full speed.
But, in the end, I had an opportunity and, by chance, dragged her into a cot and tore off all the garbage.
Once, when my wife went to the country to her relatives in the country, Yulechka called me and asked me to help her, to bring something there.

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In my opinion, it was a reason, since she was aware that my wife had left and the apartment was free, which means that she could make love.
In any case, I assumed so, therefore, of course, I agreed and we went.
On the way, I chatted, not stopping, joking, entertaining her, and so on.
Having traveled to where she needed, I offered to stop by the store, take something, wine, brandy, a good snack and go to sit with me and listen to music.
In general, everything is pretty banal, nothing outstanding, everything in all cases, as usual.
Yulechka quickly agreed, which somewhat surprised me.
Before that, my attempts to drag her to bed were stopped by her at the level of jokes, jokes.
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