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Today I woke up nearby.
What happiness.
I was so rarely allowed! Two weeks earlier Part One.
Creation I always take the choice of gifts very seriously.
The main thing is to put into it a sense, character, feelings, so that the person who received it remembered me with gratitude.
It’s important for me.
This month is the master’s birthday.
And of course I could not take advantage of the opportunity to show him my loyalty and love.
But it was the latter that made the case very difficult.
Given my limited finances, I can’t just go to the store and buy something worthwhile.
So, we must go another way.
But, oddly enough, when we clearly formulate a problem, the solution is often not where we are looking.
That’s how it all happened.
First of all I rummaged through a bunch of resources, how to give presents and what to give.
It helped a little, but the path indicated.
I take a piece of paper and a pen, make a list of possible options: a key chain, a flashlight, a pen, a statuette, a purse, slippers.
And suddenly.
– Oksana, there are bags with cats, go and see.
The voices of my work colleagues pulled me out of my reverie.
Some things were brought to the editor, including beach bags.
And in the head – an explosion! A cat, of course, because the Boss loves cats, which means you need to give a cat figurine! He will like it, I know.
And how many times I myself dreamed of curling up at his feet with a graceful cat, learning how to purr and rumble like a cat

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And so he will look at her, and see me next.
All is decided.
Now the idea must be implemented.
After work, went to the department of souvenirs.
And what did I see? A whole shelf with cats, but not one real one.
Why are they all so stupid, empty? Can this please someone? Upset not for long.
I will make the cat myself! The next section is stationery.
– Girl, do you have plastic? – Yes, here is the set.

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I read the instructions, with firing nothing complicated.
I take.
Although why do I need a set? After all, blue cats do not exist.
I voiced the phrase.
And the man is standing next to: “And pink elephants are!” Yes! Well set so set.
At home, at the speed of sound, I raked about my business and sat down at the coffee table.
She picked up a plastic bar.
He somehow reluctantly began to soften in his hands, but began, warmed by the warmth of his hands and thoughts about what should come out of it.
I suddenly wanted to review the film “Ordinary Miracle.”
I love this philosophical tale, actors, events, phrases.
She found the film, launched it, continuing to knead the already malleable material in her hands.
“It is ridiculous, ridiculous, reckless, insane, magical.
Neither sense, nor good, nor in harmony, nor completely fall.
“The first option turned out somehow right away.
But plastic turned out to be a very tough material, and it was impossible to work out the details.
I crush the already finished figure and start all over again.
Another option, again wrong, and one more.
All I need is an expert.
As an expert, of course, I choose my youngest son.
A few words about him, so it was clear.
An old enough, almost 20-year-old boy, with a philosophical and at the same time practical mindset.
He searches and finds answers to all questions, both human relations, and mysteries of nature.
My support and support in life.
One of his phrases says what he is: “Mom, everything is fine, if it were bad, I would have noticed.
I only notice that which is bad. ”
I go to his room with another option.
Long accustomed and knowing her mother’s originality and unpredictability, she does not ask questions why this is necessary.
I see his smirk, well.
So no.
Leplu – sedentary, standing, lying, not that.
When I came to him for the fifth time, the boy approached the matter seriously.
Disassembled all on the shelves.
What a good thing that failed.
Something is wrong and wrong.
Before his eyes I crush the figure into a shapeless lump.
“Mom, I told you only to change the head.
“The Ordinary Miracle” on the screen came to an end.
“- Why did you start all this? I did warn you.
– So I was born a bastard, I wanted to talk to you about love.
But I am a magician, remember, I told you? – I remember.
– So I took the people, shuffled them, and they began to live so that you laugh and cry.
– I cried.
– Some, however, worked better, others worse, but I have already managed to get used to them.
I even began to let them sometimes argue with me.
And now.
Sleep, my dear, I, to my misfortune, is immortal.
I have to relive you and mourn forever.
But while you are with me.
Glory to the brave men who dare to love, knowing that all this will come to an end. Teen shows boobs on cam.

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