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Alexey and I talked here, I told her something, and she shared a fantasy with me.
– Immediately I heard entering the dining room. But for some reason, Alesya was not at the table.
And Olga sat like that strange.
Slightly lower than usual, lounging in a chair and sipping a cigarette, I wasn’t particularly seen from my side.
The tablecloth hung to our floor from the sides of the table.
– In general, Alesya has long dreamed of getting some rough sex experience.
Her husband just gently fucks, and she, like any girl hunting, would be fucked against her desires.
With elements of sadism.
So today you will be rude, or rather we will.
– Olga stuck her hand under the table.
– Faster.
– she said.
Then I went to my place and saw legs sticking out from under the table.
Looking in, I saw that Alesya, standing on all fours, buried herself between Olga’s divorced legs and makes her kuni.
Olga’s hand lay on the back of the girl’s head, tightly pressing her against her crotch.
– Sit down while you drink.
You need a lot of strength.
We agreed with Alesya to play the game.
The game will be in 5 stages.
The point is that by agreeing to the next stage, Alesia can no longer stop him until he ends.
But when it ends in the right to refuse to continue and leave us.
The first stage has already begun.
Pour me some wine.
I poured wine, and sank into a chair.
And the evening promises me to be very interesting.
Having poured myself brandy and lit up, I began to watch my wife.
She completely relaxed and gave herself the sensation of Alesina tongue.
Sitting sipping wine and sometimes giving commands to the girl.
I sat and watched.
Member already stood as a stake.
After 10 minutes, Olga closed her eyes and groaned, leaning forward a bit.

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She put her second hand under the table and breathed deeply.
After another couple of minutes, she began to cum violently, moaning loudly almost to her voice.
“Good girl.”
For the first time perfectly coped.
Get out.
– Alesya got out from under the table and looked at me confusedly.
Lipstick smeared a little and the whole mouth and chin glistened from the discharge of my wife.
– Send to the gym.
– Olga cheerfully took Aleska by the hand and pulled her along.
I followed them.
In the hall, I, on Olga’s instructions, plopped down on the sofa.
– So Alesya now gets up on his knees and makes Sergey a blowjob at this point. The first stage will be over.
Alesya knelt down in front of me and unbuckled the belt and the fly on my pants.
I slightly raised myself and she let go of my pants along with my underpants.
Olga fell in behind me and unbuttoned my shirt, after a minute I was completely naked.
And before Alesin’s gaze stood my unit.
I had a member that needs 21 cm and 3.
8 in diameter.
– Her husband is 15 and not very fat.
– Olga grinned.
Meanwhile, Alesia clasped the head with her tender lips and began a forward movement while simultaneously lifting my trunk with her hand.
She swallowed a maximum of 7 cm and it was clear that the size was obviously too big for her, she touched her teeth, lightly and not always, it was felt that the girl was trying.
Olga, meanwhile, came out and returned with a video camera.
Putting a finger to her lips, she began to shoot after Alesya’s efforts.
I completely relaxed having fun.
– Ales and deeper can you take? – Olga asked.
The girl just mumbled something negative in response.
– Well, nothing, I will teach you a little later to take it deeper.
But after about 5 minutes I was covered with a wave of orgasm.
I began to pour heavily into Alesin’s mouth.
Prudently putting both.
hands on the nape of the girl.
– Swallow everything! Olga commanded.
– Do not let go until everything is swallowed.
Yes, I was not going to.
For two minutes I kept the girl on my penis and waited for her convulsively to swallow everything.
Then he let go of his head.
– Well, what will be the 2nd stage of the game or how.
– Will be.
– With determination squeezed Ales.
– Great, let’s go to the bedroom.
And you wait here I will invite.
After 10 minutes, Olga came completely naked.
– Have a drink.
She had

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a couple of Viagra pills in her hand.
I did not hesitate to drink the pills and drink the wine that my husband handed me.
Entering the bedroom, I saw Ales on my back tied to the shop.
The girl was in some stockings. Spy cam home sex.

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