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Newsreel footage has never been demonstrated to the general public, although bravura words about another successful operation of Starfleet sounded from every gap.
A painfully slow detachment from the landing module with thousands of people on board from the cruiser bulk, a successful landing, a solemn moment of opening the locks, filmed by automatic robots.
On black soil – pure black soil, recognized as the standard of fertility – only one type of plant grew, which, for lack of better, was called hyper-trees.
Adult individuals reached hundreds of meters in diameter and magnificent height, often exceeding a kilometer.
A completely different cellular structure was, however, based on the synthesis of chlorophyll.
Associated with their life system, hundreds of representatives of the flora of this strange world have lived on them, bringing benefit or harm.
“A vegetable planet!” The settlers decided, and allowed themselves to relax.
It was only later that they were shown the extreme xenophobia of these creatures, which for millions of years have known only themselves.
And then the crew of the cruiser powerlessly watched the slaughter, filmed by the same impartial robots.
He recalled himself, who saw for the first time what he meant by the words “strike of the main guns”, spoken daily by the announcers of TV channels.
Together with the senior officer standing behind him, he saw on the screen hemisphere a column of blinding white flame that for a moment connected the proton emitters of the ship to the surface of the planet.

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And he fully understood who, at the sight of this monstrous cataclysm that had turned its living on almost half of the entire planet into dust, evaporated water and soil and had covered it with a dirty gray veil for years, had something in my head shifted.

A man who in his entire life did not violate the main postulate of his faith “do no harm”, snatched a pistol from the holster of the ship’s commander and shot him and his assistants.
Only six people.
Although the decision to attack, of course, did not take them.
He did not know if she looked at him when he was not looking at

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HER, but when he even glanced at the creature beneath the indestructible transparent dome, like emerald, cat-shaped eyes, without the slightest sign of a pupil, they immediately began to devour his soul.
Looking at them, he looked into eternity itself.
Paradoxical star with surprising constancy gave the light to this world the pain of 10 billion years.
The course of evolution erased into powder all the fauna, for some unknown reason, sparing only carriers of the mind.
He personally saw immortality, no, not an individual, but a species that has not undergone changes for tens of millions of years.
Green eyes looked at him without blinking, or blinking at the same time as him.
SHE went up to the barrier and laid her hands on an insurmountable barrier.
As if slender body smelted in a fiery crucible of pure gold, it sank easily in the ridge.
“She is beautiful!” – Once again, involuntarily flashed through his mind.
Indeed, having arrived here he did not dare and hope to see the native inhabitant! After the memorable tragedy, no one has seen one like HER.
In the end, he sanctioned and, in part, endorsed the idea of ​​using the yans, a race of intelligent reptiles, as intelligence officers and collectors of information.
At the dawn of the Empire, they were saved from dying from the ecological catastrophe of the home planet, paying with a change in the genetic code, which forever turned them into slaves. Sexes online com.

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