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I love you.
– And I love you.
Edmond? “He doesn’t know anything about it.”
If he finds out that I hurt you, he will kill me! – Yes, he loves me very much.
I like him sister.
And I love him.
– Yes, if I did not know you, then I thought that you are siblings, and that you look like a face.
– Well, yes. We began to talk with him about this and that.
It was nice.
He became my friend.
And everything was so cool, but suddenly struck midnight.
– Is it time for you to turn? – No I do not want to.
– Do you control yourself? – Yes, and you want this beast, right? – No, I need you, although I can not for a long time without him.
Painfully, I got used to my gentle and tender beast.
– If you want, I’ll be whoever you want.
I’m ready for anything for you.
I love you baby.
And the beast too.
I am jealous of you for him and vice versa.
You have no idea what I feel now.
– I think I understand you.
I kissed him gently on the lips.
He answered the kiss and we started kissing for about 15 minutes.
So soft.
He gently hugged my waist.
And here I was naked in front of him on my knees and gave him a blowjob.
He moaned and after 10 minutes I swallowed up a drop of his sperm.
He put me on the bed began to caress the chest.
No, not like my little wolf, but gently.
kissed, licked, caressed, touched fingers.
gently massaged my clit, caressed my pussy, which has long flowed full.
Having licked all this, he spread my legs and gently entered me.
Oh, how good it was.
I have not yet moved away from the orgasm and my clit was especially sensitive when he fucked me at a fast speed and touched him I just died dying of pleasure. Sex phone online.

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