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Suddenly, the blood rushed to the girl’s head, her heart pounded as if she was about to jump out.
Not understanding what she was doing, Alain leaned over Dima’s

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right leg and touched her lips directly to the skin under her fingers.
The girl’s tender, moist lips felt the hardened skin of the boy’s feet even more clearly.
She ran her lips a little to the side – and felt a pleasant roughness.
Still not understanding the situation, obeying some unknown attracting force, Alain began to kiss Dima’s feet.
From this she felt that heat spreads over her body, not even heat, but heat – heat, which began to roll on her in pleasant waves.
Poorly controlling herself, Alain littered with kisses washed, strong, hardened feet of a guy and, apparently, increasing the intensity of touch, woke him.
Dima started, moved his fingers, turned his head back and blinked his eyes, not understanding what was the matter.
– Alenka? What are you doing here? – He said, shook his head and sat on the bed, holding his left leg under him.
– I came to tell you good morning, – answered Alain embarrassed.
– And your legs got out from under the blanket – I wanted to fix it.
And after a bit of silence she added: Dimka, you have oak skin on your soles! You probably can walk on the coals? “I don’t know about the coal,” Dima laughed and rubbed his hand over his sole.
– This is because I have been barefoot since childhood.
– At first, it was hard for you to run barefoot? – asked Alain.
– At the beginning – yes.
I walked like a mouse biting my heels.
Nakalis almost every day.
Mom swore.
Then my skin hardened so much that no glass and spines could dig into the soles.
I even went to the dispute on the asphalt, covered with glass – and nothing! The boys from our yard were secretly jealous of me and, if possible, tried to touch my heels.
And why are you asking about this, deer? – Will you teach me to walk barefoot? – said Alyna shyly, instead of answering, smiling, hearing her favorite “fawn”, and stroking her pleasantly hard Dima’s hand.

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“Of course I will teach, my sunshine,” he replied.
– Give me your leg.
Alyona sat on the bed and put both legs of Dima in her lap.
Dima stroked her beautiful shins and ankles, feet rises, long fingers, and then began to stroke and study the soles.
– It will be hard for you at first, – said Dima, and Alain saw that he was excited, – the skin is now quite tender.
But I think that everything will be normal.
I’m after you, Alenushka.
He kissed the girl hotly on the lips and hugged her.
– Yes, Dim.
I love you! – answered Alain, clinging to the guy.
Two hours later they left the country house barefoot and headed along a dirt road towards the forest.
To begin with, I will say that I wrote this, because there are few such stories.
I wanted to encourage (inspire) other people who like similar stories, write and share them with those who like such stories.
It turned out something like a horror film with sex and elements of violence.
The writer of me is not important, so I apologize for that.
My wife and I walked down the street and all the counter men just devoured her eyes.
She was wearing a short skirt, a white transparent blouse (through which a lace bra shining through her tits of the fifth size shone through), her slim legs, in body-colored tights, had high-heeled shoes.
on the way we went to the store.
It was quite large and we lost sight of each other for a while.
I went to look for her, but when I found two guys standing near her.
She and her were chatting nicely, not forgetting to cast lustful glances at her charms.
I won’t say that I don’t like it, rather the opposite.
My wife and I have been together for a long time and the topic of treason in our sexual fantasies excites both me and her.
So when they began to paw her.
Either one will run a hand over a thigh tightened into thin nylon, then the other will grab the tit.
I was in no hurry to stop it.
Yes, and my wife liked it.
I got up so that I could not see, but to see what was happening.
The wife laughed and did not strongly resist harassment from the guys, but apparently the game just bored them.
One said something to her and her face was disturbed, and she began to look around for me.
I was in no hurry to go out.
I got a situation.
I did not believe that something could happen that could harm a wife.
Suddenly one silenced her and the other took her legs and they dragged her to a little noticeable door nearby.
Skipping in behind them I saw an empty room.
There was nothing in it except a strange container.
Meanwhile, the guys began to undress his wife. Sex liv cam.

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