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Probably because a man feels his power over a woman.
A woman, looking into the eyes of a man with a blowjob, shows thereby that she is completely subordinate to his will.
And the dick in her mouth is the best proof.
For the rest of the way, I sucked those three gorgeous cocks.
Paying a minute to each, and then switching his attention to another member.
Men in the car I did not finish in the mouth.
In general, I did not count on this.
Since she started up from blowjobs, and I wanted rough sex.
To fuck me like the last whore.
The driver, looking at us, launched his hand.
I put my skirt under my skirt and, moving my panties aside, put my fingers into my pussy.
I almost cried out from desire.
Fortunately, we already drove into the courtyard of a private house.
As soon as one of the men opened the house, I took the driver’s hand and dragged him to the center of the living room.
Quickly taking out a member, I violently sucked his two minutes.
The rest of the man watched, podrachivaya their members.
Having given up sucking, I completely undressed and got on all fours.
Fuck me! Faster! The guys stared at me in surprise.
Obviously, they did not expect such agility from me.
Well, what are you waiting for? I was all running from desire.
Putting my hand on my ass, I hit the buttock a couple of times.
Fuck your whore! The guy did not have to beg for a long time.
Without even taking off the jacket, without undressing, he knelt beside me.
And after a few seconds, his warm and so desirable member plunged into my pussy.
He literally drowned in her.
I was so wet, it flowed like a bitch, that I shouldn’t have to wind up.

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And I didn’t want any preludes, only hard fucking.
And the guy knew a fuck.
Constantly changing the speed and pace of motion of the penis, he created almost perfect intercourse.
He fucked me not long, about twenty minutes.
But during this time I, shouting and writhing, managed to finish under him twice.
Whew, tired.
Guys, fuck this whore.
And while I rest.
Moving away from me, the guy undressed and began to watch his friends.
And to observe was for what.
The guys decided to “test my ass for stamina,” as they put it.
Approaching me one by one, they, after driving a dick a couple of times into my cunt, they put their members in my ass.
Each fucked no more than two – three minutes.
After the fuck I left, his place was taken by the next one.
And he also used my ass for no more than two to three minutes.
Then another.
Soon the fourth guy joined us and watched to the side.
Thus, one guy fucking me for three minutes, had the opportunity to rest for ten minutes.
The fact that the guys had nothing to end and to think.
For ten minutes, the orgasm, even if it came up, retreated into the background.
But I finished.
And she finished often.
It really was a test of my butt endurance.
She was fucked for about two hours straight.
Putting and putting me in a variety of poses.
During this time I experienced about six orgasms.
However, soon orgasms began to give way to pain, and

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intercourse in the ass no longer brought me pleasure.
But I suffered, honestly working out the money.
Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain and screamed.
Looking at a member of one of the guys I saw that he was in the blood.
They broke my ass.
There are guys.
Till blood! – burst out laughing one of them.
It’s time to take a break.
While they rested, drank brandy and shared their impressions, I crawled at their feet, licking their members.
Half an hour later, the guys wanted, as one of them put it, “to test her cunt for strength this time”.
And the story repeated.
I was forced to take various poses, each in turn came up and fucked my hole.
It lasted about three hours.
I could not bear it anymore, I was terribly tired.
Excitement passed, and the guys fucked me dry.
However, I did not dare to object to them, honestly fulfilling the money promised to me.
When I lost hope of a close finale, they put me on my knees and four streams of sperm flooded my face. New webcam sex videos.

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