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So think! Nothing is required of you, just not to show persistence and initiative ”! But Tatyana, regardless of the prospect of being subjected to group sex, replied: “I cannot, I will not do that, I will just quit.
“But this option did not suit him at all.
He nodded at the Mordovorot and turned on the camera again.
A pair of strong hands, again threw Tanya on the table, but put it on his back this time.
Tanya was forced to look at how her legs were moved apart and between them a man was attached with a already bare and rearing member.

He was smaller in size than He, but much larger.
The girl had never seen such volumes, and therefore was seriously afraid of the consequences of his invasion.
She began to twitch and escape and shout: “No, no, no! Stop! ”
He gestured to stop Mordovorot, when the head of the member was already plunged into her hole.
“So? Are we working? ”He asked.
Tanya, being in animal fear from the upcoming violence, anyway, she found the strength in herself and answered with a refusal, hissing: “No!” And He immediately gave a sign, and a thick pin entered her body, with pain pushing the walls of the vagina.

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This is certainly not a deprivation of virginity, but it was painful.
And then the tremors began.
Mordovorot, clearly devoid of any moral principles and principles, received pleasure from the act itself, actively moving its core in her body.
Tania’s body, which was detented after the first act, responded with gratitude to the repetition.
Orgasm came just as quickly and with the same force.
Tanya no longer felt her legs and lips.
Mordovorot inserted his penis deeper and began to cum, snarling something not in Russian.
He did not have time to pull out a member expiring by sperm, as his place was taken by the second one, jerking him to turn Tanya on her stomach, spreading her buttocks with her hands and spitting relishly on her anus.
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