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Having come up with us, he gave me the command to go to the negotiations.
I followed him in complete bewilderment.
Having dismounted, I sat down on the chair offered to me.
At the long table on one side were people from the opposite ogre.
One of the ogres, very tall and stately, stood up and said: – Princess Ariada, I – Amtrok – the king of ogres.
Once you are here, it would be unfair to negotiate for the eyes.
We are speaking directly, and the matter concerns you directly.
I looked at my father, then looked at the brothers and elders.
Everyone was silent.
The ogre continued: “We are stopping any military actions and attacks by the ogres on people we can control.”
In return, a little bit of your land and land goes to us.
– he hesitated a little, – Your consent to be the wife of my son. Masters of sex pilot watch online.

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