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Only here Tanya noticed that He was filming all this on camera.
“Well, now we have dirt on you.
I do not think that your leadership, family and friends will like this video.
If you do everything correctly, this video will remain in my archive, and you will have a lot of money, ”he said, defiantly closing the camera.
Tanya understood that she would have to do what these gangsters demand from her, at least for a while, and then.

And then, it will be clear.
Her cave was burning with fire, in the throat of a drone and I wanted to rinse my mouth as soon as possible, washing away this nasty liquid.
I wanted to take a shower, Crawl under the duvet in my home bed and, curled up, forgotten in a dream.

There is one cafe in our city.
It turned out that in this cafe, an exclusively female team.
There was a private security agency across the road, so there was no need for a permanent security guard at the cafe.
Once, there were three women sitting in this cafe: a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.
The time was later, and besides them there were no visitors.

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The waitresses sat at the bar and waited for the completion of working hours.
The door to the cafe opened, and a drunken young man entered.
Looking around the room with a blurred look, he went straight to the three visitors.
He sat down on an empty chair, he began rudely and unskillfully sticking to them.
A waitress came up and asked the guy to leave.
But to her surprise, the ladies looked at each other and asked to let the guy stay.
Surprised waitress left.
However, she was soon called in and ordered vodka.
Then the order was repeated a couple of times.
Half an hour later, the guy was drunk.
The blonde stretched wearily and said: – We, it’s time to leave.
Pay for what you drank.
The guy’s face stretched, the redhead smiled and said: – Ah, no money?
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