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But at the moment I was more worried about my wife.
Yes, indeed, with a woman in such a state, you can do what you want.
Having dragged Lenka to the bed and laid him down, I began to examine her more carefully.
The spectacle was still that: the skirt, as I said, was put on backwards, the jacket was unbuttoned, the bra slid over to the side.
Lifting the skirt, I found that there were no pants on Lenka, and sperm flowed from the vagina almost flowing down the line.
She was just stuffed with someone else’s sperm, the vagina – well, just a hollow, and her ass was somehow smeared.
I have a member of this picture was just like a stone.
I imagined in colors how it all happened.
Probably there was too much alcohol.
My little wife diligently watered, and very, very actively, all the time they poured her, trying to drink her as quickly as possible.
And she all obediently drank and drank, and got drunk, finally, in shit, in rags.
And when she could not resist and did not control herself, other men caressed her, and other members fucked her everywhere, filling her body with their seed, and a lot of greedy hands lasciviously crushed her gorgeous ass and pawed her breasts with sperm! From these thoughts, my cock strained to the limit, as if trying to quickly get out and get down to business.

I did not begin to restrain myself any more, I lifted her legs on my shoulders and entered her sticky cracked vagina, in which it was wet and hot! While I was fucking her, everything was squishing and chomping around her, and my cock went there like in oil.

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And I, too, finished in it, unable to withstand such excitement, diluting the seed of foreign males with my own liquid! At the same time, she did not even budge, did not react at all, lay quite motionless, like a bag! A couple of hours later, it became sick and I did not have time for a wash.
Of course I remember.
This is very difficult to forget.
You walked along the wall, and Lenka didn’t stand on your feet at all, you were bleating.
And how did you get there at all? – I asked, pouring another glass already drunk Irina, hoping to find out from her as much as possible.
She tossed herself a glass of vodka, like water.
And what she said, for me, of course, was a complete surprise.
And you thought I live on? I earn my living by visiting this club and for a long time.
They sometimes invite me. And Lena happened by chance, we just decided to have a champagne drink, and then Karen calls and says that today they should have had two women, but one could not and he asked if I could and I would take and say that my friend and I drink

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at her house.
She and her nephew stopped in an hour and brought vodka, and Lenka was already warm for their arrival, and they offered her the continuation of the banquet and she agreed.
Lenka got up there! Mom do not worry! She drank everything, substituted her glass to all the peasants, danced a striptease, and then she drank a martini glass and just fell to the floor and chopped off, and Karen and two others raised it and took it to the bedroom.
Oh, you should have seen this bed, this sexodrome, I once had 8 men on it once.
Meters 4 by 3.
I didn’t see who fucked her and how, because at that time they kept watering me, and then.
Pour it.
And who were those guys that brought you in the morning? – I poured again.
The guards.
They bring women to their homes, because we ourselves can not.
– she laughed drunkenly – that time I still could, but they carried Lenka straight out of the bedroom and loaded them into a wheelbarrow, and then they unloaded at the entrance and wanted to carry it to the apartment, but I said that there was a husband and you did not know, so it is only loaded into the elevator and. Live nude girls torrent.

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