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Members out we did not pull out, everything happened in the gorge of panties, behind the openings of the chirinok unbuttoned.
And only then, realizing what we had done, I pulled out my hand in horror.
Sasha looked down, as if only now he noticed that something was happening in his pants, swung slightly and hurriedly pulled his hand out of my pants.
Awkward, without looking at each other, we began to button up.
Well, no one came off.
Then they somehow straightened out the form, and went out onto the park path.
After orgasm, it was difficult to go.
The legs were weak, the body almost did not obey.
Still, in half a year I managed to jerk off three times, no more! And where in the army to masturbate? It was a dreary soul, the head was ringing, the thighs were unpleasantly tickled by the sperm flowing down, there was moisture on my fingers.
Well, what moisture is understandable.
We walked without talking.
Not even looking at each other.
September October.
What to do with all this, I had no idea.
It would be possible to blame Sanya for everything if my fingers did not rush towards his member.
We could blame the wine, but we weren’t really drunk.
Even the army could not be blamed – a hundred of the same guys walked around, but they didn’t climb to each other in their pants! Sasha and I didn’t say a single word about it, behaved as if nothing had happened.
There was not only any frank conversation, but also ambiguous phrases, unmotivated smiles, unusual looks – nothing at all! For some reason I was very interested that in those days Sanya felt looking at me, but he did not betray his thoughts.
But it was strange for me to look at him, talk, joke and at the same time remember the feeling of his penis and buttocks on his hands, remember his fist on his own penis, and his palm on his ass.

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Several times I, when Alex could not see this, specially considered him.
He was very thin and ungainly.
A pretty face that for a conscript soldier is more of a misfortune.
Sanya picked up, of course, in the army of swagger and all words, but it was obvious that this superficial, but inside he was like a rotten nerd, he remained.
I could not say that I had never before felt someone else’s hand on my ass or cock.
The girlish attention was not an everyday thing for me, but there was no complete curiosity either.
The difference was that this time the hand was male.
As soon as such thoughts covered me, I began to look for excuses.
Well, man’s.
So what? I didn’t even remember my orgasm.
That is, without flinging one’s soul, I could well have said that I had not received pleasure.
But at the moment when the desire rolled at me, I could not help thinking about Sana.
Of course, I fantasized about girls.
I imagined their beautiful faces, affectionate eyes, slender bodies, tender hugs.
But there were fantasies about what happened between me and Alex.
Involuntary fantasies that piled on me themselves, and they had to drive away by an effort of will: The sixth of October.
The shower room was cold.
A pair of sinks, tiles on the floor, tiles on the walls.
Under the ceiling fluorescent lamps.
Twenty-two souls on one side and twenty-three on the other.
No booth division, of course.
All in common, all for show.
Why are real peasants, conscript soldiers, shy? Alex bathed in front of me.
Not for the first time he chose this particular place, but until today I somehow did not think why.
The water was cold.
I, moaning, moistened my skin and jumped out from under the icy streams to lather.
Sanya rubbed his head in some two steps from me.
From under the palm of his hand glittered eyes.
I was embarrassed.
Moreover, he was indignant.
Well what is he staring! Someone else will notice, and then explain that you are not a fagot! Sanya still looked at me.
I turned my back on him, trying to somehow hide behind, but it was probably no better.
Now he was looking at my butt.
Turned sideways.
So he saw both a member and an ass.
Before? But so I initially stood.
Well, there’s no getting around this Alex.
Come out of the shower, give him a face.
My neighbors, right and left, the same

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as the Sanya and I, the soldiers, paying no attention to anything, washed themselves near, very close.
Spray from them now and then flew to me.
Sometimes our bodies collided. Lesbian erica campbell.

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