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“Good morning, Lenochka, coffee in bed,” he recited as an artist. “Hi, I said getting up. – I said, swallowing a fragrant drink – like a maid We went to the bath where Dimik washed me, had breakfast, and I went to the toilet to pee.
When I finished writing, I opened the door, stood up, legs apart, Dimik sat down and licked my pussy.
Come on, we will buy you a Dina uniform – I said. In the city we bought a pair of stockings, stings and pantyhose, we went into the cafe to breathe and drink coffee.
After coffee, I wanted to go to the toilet and we double flushed out the door, since he was alone here.
Writing, I stooped and put my ass to Dina-Dimik, he enthusiastically licked me and sucked the clit, I finished the Dina’s face and bit my hand so as not to scream.
Having called on Vova Street and warned that while the intern was with me, they agreed to meet near my house to sign Dimika some internship papers.
Near the house there was a minibus all toned and Vova was smoking near it.
We climbed into the salon, Vova put the papers for signature and climbed under my skirt.
I did not have to persuade and I raised myself,

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the panties were on the floor.
Vova lifted up her skirt, looked at me and unbuttoned his pants, taking out his penis.
Climbing on his lap, I inserted a member into the vagina and we started moving faster and faster.
We were shaken by an orgasm at the same time, we didn’t scream because our mouths were busy with a kiss.
Rising from her knees, she immediately felt Dimika’s head between her legs.
After washing me we went home saying goodbye to Vova.
Entering the apartment, we saw her husband’s bag.
Found myself in the office at the computer, looking at the recording from the surveillance cameras in the apartment and jerking his dick.

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Hello darling – I said, passing into the office and kissing him in the brush.
Meet this is our maid and hygienist.
Andrei looked up and opened his mouth.
But that’s another story.
With respect to the readers Elena K.
The story is almost true, tea was a concentrated pathogen, because of him everything started and I hope it will continue.
Chapter 10
Again elective After Sasha left, Aleksey sat down on the bed and called for a woman.
– Lolita, you again waited for pleasure.
Get right here on my knees next to me.
You are very good again, but you will like it very much, take it in your mouth.
You are getting better and better.
Pleasure swept your whole body.
You have such a sweetie in your mouth.
Suck her gently and enjoy her.
It is very tasty and you already want to swallow it, but it slips out of your throat.
Swallow it again.
She slips out again.
Then suck again.
It should be less.
Suck more.
You are very well.
There is me, my voice and this wonderful candy.
Swallow it.
Suck again.
She is so sweet and very tasty.
Swallow again.
Swallow more.
Do not stop.
You really want to swallow it, but it is still big and slips out.
Then still suck.
Let it be less.
You are very well.
Try to swallow.
Swallow more.
You did it.
You are already quite well.
Your body is preparing for orgasm.
You already feel his approach.
Tell me, do you feel? – Yeah, – without removing a member from his mouth and eloquently jerking his ass, responded Lolita.
– Lolita.
Go on.
A bit more.
Your candy has cracked and stuffing flowed out of it.
Swallow candy with her.
Lolita, stop it.
Do not stop.
An almost simultaneous orgasm this time shook even the experienced Alexey.
Lolita in the coveted fog drank every last drop, sucking away so powerfully that at the very end even caused pain.
However, the man still managed to free his penis from the claims of a heated partner, and they again stood on the carpet in an embrace, as if performing their slowest dance.
And this time Lolita did not notice how a sticky liquid was slowly running down her legs.
But it was already a liquid, thrown into her own son.
Sergey Viktorovich began to retreat to the ottoman and gently piled Tanya on it, finally breaking away from her lips.
Now he has switched to her breasts, deeply grabbing her mouth alternately with her nipples.
With his own hands, he firmly held a weakened woman from a drunk.
Andrei fell in between her legs, took off her black panties and fell to her sexual lips, spreading his raised legs to the sides.
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